Ordnance, Roaring Gun

War Spirit: Weapon (精武:ウェポン Sei Bu: Uepon) is a SIGNI class associated with red SIGNI. All Weapons are mostly titled based on Level; Level 1 Small Guns, Level 2 Explosive Guns, Level 3 Roaring Guns, and Level 4 Ballista. Weapons are also named after different kinds of modern weaponry, commonly that of guns or explosives.

Weapons are often designed very loosely based on the weapon of which they are named after. They are often depicted as either having clothing and accessories referencing the weapon, or are equipped with the weapon and using it, or sometimes both. Some Weapons are named after iconic weapon manufacturers, rather than the specific weapons those manufacturers have created. However, they are still depicted with the manufacturer's very weapon that made them iconic.

Some Weapon SIGNI have become the basis of certain Trick SIGNI.


Weapons focus on banishing the opponent's SIGNI when they are under a certain amount of Power. However, many Weapon's banishes require Down as a cost, rendering a single Weapon incapable of capitalizing off the opening. Fortunately, other Weapons also gain Power when another Weapon is present, allowing Weapons to create an offensive wall that punishes the opponent for using a weak SIGNI defense.

In addition, Weapons gain a decent amount of support from the white SIGNI class War Spirit: Arm, often searching out Weapons.

A line of Weapons were introduced with the reintroduction of Tama as a red LRIG, bringing Weapons the Cross&Heaven mechanic. These Cross-bearing Weapons function in pairs, often having stronger ability variants of their fellow SIGNI of the same class.

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