Karasha, Green Fourth Play

War Spirit: Playground Equipment (精武:遊具 Sei Bu: Yūgu) is a SIGNI class associated with green SIGNI. They were introduced in WXD-12 Green Dream.

Green Playground Equipment SIGNI are based on various toys and playground equipment, while their green Resona are based on various amusement park rides. Black Playground Equipment SIGNI are based on dolls and gambling games, or are "corrupted" versions of green Playground Equpment SIGNI.

Starting with WXK-D05 Dual Paleness, this class has also become associated with white.


Playground Equipment are described as being able to "ambush from the Ener Zone." Green Playground Equipment SIGNI, used by Aiyai, often remove themselves or other allied SIGNI from the field after attacking, after which they are replaced with a SIGNI from the Ener Zone or hand, allowing for more than three SIGNI attacks in one turn. Black Playground Equipment, used by Guzuko, play similarly, with the primary difference being that Black Playground Equipment use SIGNI from the trash instead of the Ener Zone. Playground Equipment SIGNI are also able to up themselves or each other, allowing for a variety of combinations of attacking multiple times in one turn.

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