Energe, Original Spear

War Spirit: Arm (精武:アーム Sei Bu: Āmu) is a SIGNI class associated with white SIGNI. The titles of Arms are various depending on their design and origins, but often goes from a small armaments to progressively larger ones. Thus, their names also follow, being names of small kinds of equipments to larger or more vital ones.

Arms have a very assorted theme, but are commonly themed after armor, weapons, or instruments from before modern time, in contrast to War Spirit: Weapons focus on modern weaponry. As such, Arms are often equipped with their namesake.


Arms have many small "subclasses" within the SIGNI class, thus having a very wide pool for gameplay.

The Arms titled "Bow" focus on on-play scrying, or looking at the top few cards of the deck and either rearranging them or bringing a SIGNI to their aid if they're alone. They work well by themselves, making them great for essentially scouting ahead.

The "Shield" Arms focus on Power boosts on the opponent's turn. Because of their average Power that is boosted to above average on the opponent's turn, a line of Shields can create an incredible wall that's still capable of fighting back.

Similar to Bows, "Treasured Instrument" Arms aid other Arms (and even Weapons) by searching for other Arms and bringing them to the hand for later play.

Finally, there is a small set of Arms, including the "Breakers," more dedicated to having support with War Spirit: Weapons. Aside from giving search support, they can also offer more aggressive actions like banishing and returning the opponent's SIGNI to their hand.

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