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WXD-23 Blue Conflation
Set Gallery Gallery
Release Date June 29, 2017
Color(s) Blue
LRIG Eldora and Aya
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WXD-22 Black Conflation N/A

WXD-23 Blue Conflation is the twenty-third pre-constructed deck of the WIXOSS TCG.

As a double deck, Blue Conflation contains cards for both Eldora and Aya. Each LRIG has a set of cards exclusive to their deck, while the level 0 LRIG, spells, Servant SIGNI, and a few other cards are shared between the two possible decks. It contains 88 cards and 36 unique cards.

Bolded cards are new cards.

Card ListEdit

No Card Name Qty Color Type Level
WD23-001-E Eldora×Mark IV Another 1 Blue LRIG 4
WD23-002-E Eldora×Mark III Another 1 Blue LRIG 3
WD23-003-E Eldora×Mark II Another 1 Blue LRIG 2
WD23-004-E Eldora×Mark I Another 1 Blue LRIG 1
WD23-006-E Burst Rush 1 Blue ARTS -
WD23-007-A Pretty Aya! IV 1 Blue LRIG 4
WD23-015-EA Eldora and Aya 1 Blue LRIG 0
WD23-018-E Shironakuji, Water Phantom 1 Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-019-E Arowana, Water Phantom Princess 2 Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-023-E Kisu, Water Phantom Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-024-E Haigyo, Water Phantom Blue SIGNI 3
WD23-034-A Slichair, Large Trap Blue SIGNI 3
WD23-040-A PRANK Blue Spell -
WD23-042-EA Servant D2 4 Colorless SIGNI 2
WD23-043-EA Servant O2 4 Colorless SIGNI 1
WD23-0XX Daihouika, Water Phantom Princess 1 Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-0XX Gurehozame, Water Phantom Princess 1 Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-0XX Namakozu, Water Phantom Princess 2 Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-0XX-EA Lure, Large Water Trap Blue SIGNI 3
WD23-0XX-EA FISHING Blue Spell -
WD23-0XX-A Takotsubo, Super Trap Blue SIGNI 4
WD23-0XX Don't Move 1 Blue ARTS -
WD23-0XX Critical Shot 1 Blue ARTS -
WD23-0XX Arowana Panic 1 Blue ARTS -
WD23-0XX-A Trip Trap 1 Blue ARTS -
WD23-0XX One More Call 1 Blue ARTS -


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Promotional Cards Promotional
SP-01 spec selector: Rūko KominatoSP-02 spec selector: Hitoe Uemura
SP-03 spec selector: Iona Urazoe • SP-04 Everyone's Lottery/selector infected WIXOSS
SP-05 selector spread WIXOSS Card Gum ~Collector's Assort~
SP-06 spec selector: Akira AoiSP-07 spec selector: Fumio Futase
SP-08 Everyone's Lottery/selector spread WIXOSS • SP-09 3D LRIG Cards Set of 5
SP-10 Selector's Pack Vol. Eldora & Yuzuki • SP-11 Selector's Pack Vol. Christmas
SP-12 Congratulation Pack • SP-13 Selector's Pack New Year Fortune Ver.
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SP-23 spec selector: Suzuko HomuraSP-24 spec selector: Chinatsu Morikawa
SP-25 Congratulation Pack Vol.3 • SP-26 Lostorage incited WIXOSS Blu-ray/DVD
SP-27 Selector's Pack Vol.15-16 • SP-28 WIXOSS Fun Pack April-May/June-July 2017
SP-29 2017 WIXOSS Battle Chocolate • SP-30 Congratulation Pack Vol.4
SP-31 Congratulation Pack Vol.5 • SP-33 Base LRIG Campaign

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