WX-09 Reacted Selector
WX-09 Booster
リアクテッド セレクタ
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Release Date September 17, 2015 (Japanese)

April 23, 2016 (Chinese)

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WX-08 Incubate Selector WX-10 Chained Selector

WX-09 Reacted Selector is the ninth booster set in WIXOSS TCG.

Features Edit

Reacted Selector is a concept pack with cards that are different from anything released up until now.

Contains new cards and reprints with redrawn illustrations of ARTS and SIGNIs.

Breakdown Edit

  • LR: 6
  • LC: 8
  • SR: 7
  • R: 18
  • C: 20
  • Re: 22
  • Secret: 7
  •  ???: 2

Total: 59 (+21 Re) (+9 Secret)

Gallery Edit

Card List Edit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WX09-001 Ut'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate LR Black LRIG 5
WX09-002 Art Boundary LR White ARTS -
WX09-003 Melting Turmoil LR Red ARTS -
WX09-004 Thrilling Draw LR Blue ARTS -
WX09-005 All of Nature LR Green ARTS -
WX09-006 Grave Awake LR Black ARTS -
WX09-007 Tawil=Fyra, the Guide LC White LRIG 4
WX09-008 Tawil=Tre, the Guide LC White LRIG 3
WX09-009 Umr=Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Impartiality LC Black LRIG 4
WX09-010 Rotlet, White Sub-Armor LC White Resona 4
WX09-011 Kakuya, Red Explosive Perseverance LC Red Resona 2
WX09-012 Blue Code Heart V@C LC Blue Resona 4
WX09-013 Momo, Green Phantom Beast LC Green Resona 3
WX09-014 Anna Stanley, Black Demonic Princess LC Black Resona 4
WX09-015 Murakumo, Ultimate Sword SR White SIGNI 4
WX09-016 Shub-Niggura, Fertility of Chaos SR White SIGNI 4
WX09-017 Malachite, Natural Pyroxene SR Red SIGNI 4
WX09-018 Code Heart AMS SR Blue SIGNI 4
WX09-019 Akinana, Natural Plant Princess SR Green SIGNI 4
WX09-020 Code Anti Yog-Sothoth SR Black SIGNI 4
WX09-021 Vier=VX SR Black SIGNI 4
WX09-022 Ranerge, Original Spear R White SIGNI 4
WX09-023 Habakiri, Greatsword R White SIGNI 3
WX09-024 Metatron, Secretary of Heaven's Left R White SIGNI 2
WX09-025 Chalco, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI 3
WX09-026 Ankylo, Phantom Dragon R Red SIGNI 2
WX09-027 Orichalcia, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI 2
WX09-028 Code Art CL R Blue SIGNI 4
WX09-029 Code Art SMS R Blue SIGNI 3
WX09-030 Risebon, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI 2
WX09-031 Kiku, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI 3
WX09-032 Kosaki, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 3
WX09-033 Asagao, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI 2
WX09-034 Code Anti Ropolis R Black SIGNI 4
WX09-035 Drei=Somana R Black SIGNI 3
WX09-036 Code Anti Nyarlatho R Black SIGNI 2
WX09-037 Ut'ulls Gate R Black Spell -
WX09-038 Raikiri, Medium Sword C White SIGNI 2
WX09-039 Kotetsu, Small Sword C White SIGNI 1
WX09-040 Sandalphon, Secretary of Heaven's Right C White SIGNI 1
WX09-041 Get Brilliant C White Spell -
WX09-042 Borni, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 2
WX09-043 Pachycero, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI 1
WX09-044 Kyalco, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 1
WX09-045 Gem of Three Flames C Red Spell -
WX09-046 Code Art HMS C Blue SIGNI 2
WX09-047 Uni, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 1
WX09-048 Code Art FMS C Blue SIGNI 1
WX09-049 THREE SWITCH C Blue Spell -
WX09-050 Cosmos, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI 2
WX09-051 Higanbana, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI 1
WX09-052 Yuugao, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI 1
WX09-053 Euphoria C Green Spell -
WX09-054 Zwei=Tabune C Black SIGNI 2
WX09-055 Ein=Hosugu C Black SIGNI 1
WX09-056 Code Anti Cthogha C Black SIGNI 1
WX09-057 Bad Medicine C Black Spell -
WX09-058 Ut'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate Secret Black LRIG 5
WX09-059 Kakuya, Red Explosive Perseverance Secret Red Resona 2
WX09-060 Grave Gut Secret Black ARTS -
WX09-061 Thousand Punish Secret Black ARTS -
WX09-062 Namakozu, Water Phantom Princess Secret Blue SIGNI 4
WX09-CB01 Code Art HTR R Blue SIGNI 3
WX09-CB01 Code Art HTR Secret Blue SIGNI 3
WX09-CB02 Cellon, Rotation of the End R Green SIGNI 2
WX09-CB02 Cellon, Rotation of the End Secret Green SIGNI 2
WX09-Re01 Remember Dead Night, Star-Reading Miko Re White LRIG 5
WX09-Re02 Idol Defense Re White ARTS -
WX09-Re03 Xeno Multiple Re White ARTS -
WX09-Re04 Aegis Shield Re White ARTS -
WX09-Re05 Lock You Re Blue ARTS -
WX09-Re06 Death Bouquet Toss Re Black ARTS -
WX09-Re07 Yaekiri, Greatbow Re White SIGNI 3
WX09-Re08 Hastall, Medium Spear Re White SIGNI 2
WX09-Re09 Get Index Re White Spell -
WX09-Re10 Mithril, Natural Stone Re Red SIGNI 3
WX09-Re11 Ammolite, Natural Stone Re Red SIGNI 2
WX09-Re12 Fracturing Lust Re Red Spell -
WX09-Re13 Gun Smoke Flame Aura Re Red Spell -
WX09-Re14 Code Art MGT Re Blue SIGNI 3
WX09-Re15 TREASURE Re Blue Spell -
WX09-Re16 Miao, Phantom Beast Re Green SIGNI 2
WX09-Re17 Rosary, Natural Plant Re Green SIGNI 1
WX09-Re18 Reinforcement Re Green Spell -
WX09-Re19 Miria, Vermilion Messenger Re Black SIGNI 3
WX09-Re20 Alma, Lesser Sin of Gravekeepers Re Black SIGNI 2
WX09-Re21 Death by Death Re Black Spell -
WX09-Re22 Remember Dead Night, Star-Reading Miko Secret White LRIG 5
WX09-??? Tawil ??? White LRIG 0
WX09-??? Umr ??? Black LRIG 0

Chinese exclusivesEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WX08-CB01 Code Art OBN R Blue SIGNI 3
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