WX-03 Spread Selector
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Release Date August 28, 2014
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WX-03 Spread Selector is the third booster set in the WIXOSS TCG.


Spread Selector is the supplementary booster set, featuring a notably smaller pool of cards compared to its predecessors. The set is said to have a primary focus on Black support. It also features collaborative works, including Transformers and some of the selector infected WIXOSS anime's staff members.


Spread Selector is the first appearance of the new original Black LRIG, Umr.

Spread Selector included a Level 4 non-effect, high limit LRIG variation for Tama, Hanayo, Piruluk, Midoriko, and Ulith.


Spread Selector introduced no new SIGNI classes.

It instead has a wide but shallow support for Angels, Arms, Weapons, Gems, Electric Machines, Earth Beasts, Plants, and Ancient Weapons.


  • LR: 5
  • LC: 10
  • SR: 6
  • R: 15
  • C: 14
  • Secret: 6
  • ???: 2

Total: 50 (+8 secret and ???)


Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WX03-001 Umr=Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Creation LR Black LRIG 4
WX03-002 Holy Act LR White ARTS -
WX03-003 Gorgeous Hellfire LR Red ARTS -
WX03-004 Two Dust LR Blue ARTS -
WX03-005 Body and Soul LR Green ARTS -
WX03-006 Tamayorihime, Sky Miko LC White LRIG 4
WX03-007 Hanayo Pure Four LC Red LRIG 4
WX03-008 Code Piruluk Sigma LC Blue LRIG 4
WX03-009 Midoriko, Type Four LC Green LRIG 4
WX03-010 Ulith, Black Sand Enma LC Black LRIG 4
WX03-011 Umr=Tre, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG 3
WX03-012 Umr=Två, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG 2
WX03-013 Umr=Ett, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG 1
WX03-014 Dead Splash LC Black ARTS -
WX03-015 Death Colossao LC Black ARTS -
WX03-016 Rabiel, Protector of Holy Arts SR White SIGNI 2
WX03-017 Pencilrocket, Explosive Gun SR Red SIGNI 2
WX03-018 Kareira, Water Phantom SR Blue SIGNI 2
WX03-019 Marigold, Natural Plant SR Green SIGNI 2
WX03-020 Code Anti Partheno SR Black SIGNI 4
WX03-021 Lost Technology SR Black Spell -
WX03-022 Samidare, Ultimate Sword R White SIGNI 4
WX03-023 Kakumaru, Hand Sword R White SIGNI 2
WX03-024 Get Grow R White Spell -
WX03-025 Shizuku, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI 4
WX03-026 Ayabon, Hand Grenade R Red SIGNI 2
WX03-027 End of Eternity R Red Spell -
WX03-028 Code Art RGN R Blue SIGNI 4
WX03-029 Code Art CVY R Blue SIGNI 2
WX03-030 PICK UP R Blue Spell -
WX03-031 Beiar, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 4
WX03-032 Kano, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI 2
WX03-033 Super Loss R Green Spell -
WX03-034 Code Anti Costaric R Black SIGNI 3
WX03-035 Code Anti Megatron R Black SIGNI 2
WX03-036 Overflowing Knowledge R Colorless Spell -
WX03-037 Archold, Gospel of the Future C White SIGNI -
WX03-038 Zantetsu, Kunai C White SIGNI 1
WX03-039 Claymore, Trap Gun C Red SIGNI 3
WX03-040 Corundum, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 1
WX03-041 Hiramena, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 3
WX03-042 Code Art KEY C Blue SIGNI 1
WX03-043 ICE BREAK C Blue Spell -
WX03-044 Glamis, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI 3
WX03-045 Komaris, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI 1
WX03-046 Strike Impact C Green Spell -
WX03-047 Code Anti Aztec C Black SIGNI 2
WX03-048 Code Anti Cryskull C Black SIGNI 1
WX03-049 Self Slash C Black Spell -
WX03-050 Lives Gut C Black Spell -
WX03-051 Code Piruluk Secret Blue LRIG 0
WX03-052 Kakumaru, Hand Sword Secret White SIGNI 2
WX03-053 Ayabon, Hand Grenade Secret Red SIGNI 2
WX03-054 Kano, Natural Plant Secret Green SIGNI 2
WX03-055 Overflowing Knowledge Secret Colorless Spell -
WX03-056 Umr=Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Creation Secret Black LRIG 4
WX03-??? Midoriko  ??? Green LRIG 0
WX03-??? Piruluk  ??? Blue LRIG 0


  • In the Chinese version of WIXOSS, all the cards in WX-03 were released in the Chinese version of WX-02 Stirred Selector. See that page for details.

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