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  • Colorless are not considered a color for this LRIG's grow condition.
    • Cards with Multi Ener are treated as their original color for the purposes of this LRIG's grow condition. In the case of colorless cards with Multi Ener, they are treated as colorless, which does not count towards the grow condition.
  • Process of Ulith, Enma of Nihilism's [Action] ability:
    1. Declare the use of Ulith, Enma of Nihilism's [Action] ability, put the 5 cards under Ulith into the trash.
    2. Select 1 card from your hand for your opponent to guess. Until this ability finishes resolving, the selected card cannot change.
    3. Your opponent selects 1 of WhiteRedBlueGreenBlackColorless and declares it. Your opponent cannot declare another icon/choice or change their decision.
    4. Reveal the card you selected in step 2:
      • If your opponent's declared icon is not the same as the icon in the upper-right of your selected card, put all of your opponent's SIGNI into the trash.
      • If your opponent's declared icon is the same as the icon in the upper-right of your selected card, nothing happens.
    5. Put the revealed card back into your hand.
  • You cannot choose a card from your LRIG Deck for this LRIG's [Action] ability.
  • This LRIG's [Action] ability only compares your opponent's declared icon with the icon which appears in the upper-right of your selected card.
    • This does not concern the icons which appear in the cost of the card, nor the ability of the card.
  • If your opponent has Tamayorihime, Sunspot Miko in play, Tamayorihime's [Constant] ability will cause the color of all SIGNI in all zones except the Ener Zone to change to black. When a card's color changes, the icon in the upper-right is also changed.


  1. @wx_tcg Ulith, Enma of Nihilism vs. Salvage

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