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Age Unknown
Gender Female
Classification LRIG
Anime This Miracle Trembles
Misaki Kuno
Always, forever, battle, want!

—Tama, Episode 7, That Girl is Longing

Tama (タマ?) is the LRIG of Ruuko Kominato in selector infected WIXOSS. She later becomes Ulith's LRIG in selector spread WIXOSS


Tama has white hair and silver eyes. Her hairs were tied up into two for each sides with pinky white and orange ribbons each. She usually wears a simple white sleeveless dress and white long boots.


Initially, Tama's mannerisms were very much like that of an infant, as she does not actually talk, but communicates in moans and cat-like sounds. After being named, she will also occasionally use her own name as an exclamation. She is energetic, needy, and seems to quickly take a liking to Rūko, despite having been locked in a drawer by her the night after their first encounter. Tama is constantly eager to be used in WIXOSS battles; however, when she actually does fight, her mannerism changes dramatically, and she becomes a fierce warrior, passionately seeking to defeat the enemy. Her power level seems to be extraordinarily high for the LRIG of a beginner. She also likes Ruuko and her friends. Her passion for battles changes after learning about the truth of Selector Battles. Because she cares about Ruuko, she refuses to battle, since it would mean Ruuko becoming a LRIG. During the events of the second season she is forced to fight against her will, but upon growing to level 5, she becomes a mindless berserker that mercilessly and brutally attacks her opponents. After the transformation, she seems to have become frightened of herself and her capabilities. Since then she has wished for Ruuko to be happy even if it meant hurting others in the process. Because she represents the good side of Mayu's personality, she is kind to others whether friend or foe.


Tama is the Girl of Light, the good girl, Shiro. Originally a figment of Mayu's imagination, Shiro is one of the two original LRIGs along with Kuro. She was created to be one of Mayu's imaginary friend and was based on Tamayorihime, New Moon Miko from the WIXOSS trading card game. During her time with Mayu, Shiro spent most of her time playing WIXOSS with Kuro, with Mayu teaching them the rules and watching over them.

One night, Mayu told both Shiro and Kuro about a certain new game, which involved both Shiro and Kuro bringing girls from the outside world to Mayu's world. As Mayu continues giving detailed explanation on its rules, Shiro voiced her concern about the game, to which Mayu replies by saying that the girls have the option to play or not play. She eventually agrees to play along with Mayu's new game.

Shiro then began to play her role as a Selector's LRIG, whose purpose is to fight other LRIGs to have their wishes granted. On one occasion, she was the LRIG of a Selector who wished to be a florist, but lost to Kuro. After apologizing for her defeat, her Selector's wish was reversed and was to never to become a florist for the rest of her life. As Mayu's game developed, Shiro continued her role as such and repeatedly became the LRIG of various selectors, continuously fighting against Kuro.

One day, Mayu realized that she was truly lonely and that she couldn't really have wishes for herself. Shiro then asked Mayu what her wish was along with Kuro, who told Mayu that the both of them would grant it for her. Mayu then told both Shiro and Kuro that her wish was to have revenge to those who live in the outside world, who are allowed to select and have wishes. For some unexplained reason, Shiro became a living LRIG and at some point, was sent to the outside world packaged in a WXD-01 White Hope trial deck, without her memories as Mayu's imaginary friend. As she lay dormant in wait for her first Selector, she was eventually purchased by Ayumu Kominato who wanted his little sister Ruuko to have friends through the popular game of WIXOSS.


selector infected WIXOSS Edit

Shiro makes her first appearance after a brief encounter with Ruuko Kominato who had just unboxed her trial deck, WXD-01 White Hope. Upon awakening from her slumber, Shiro, who had lost her memories as Mayu's imaginary friend and the ability to speak, smiled back at her, scaring the girl resulting in her being left inside Ruuko's desk drawer for the night.

The next day, Ruuko brought Shiro to school and while having lunch, Shiro continues to make infantile noises, which Ruuko misinterprets as asking for food. When Rūko had her first fight against Yuzuki, Rūko named her "Tama". She is seen to be strong in her first battle, scaring both Rūko and Yuzuki.


Rūko KominatoEdit

Rūko is Tama's Selector. Rūko named her "Tama", because she makes sounds like the cat Rūko used to own with her Grandma. At first, Rūko is afraid of her enthusiasm for battle, but as time passes, she get used to it. It is shown that Tama cares for Rūko, as she doesn't want to battle anymore after knowing that Rūko will be sad if they battle. At the end of Selector Infected WIXOSS, she decided to betray Rūko's wish to save everyone, knowing that Rūko will sacrifice herself to do so.


Ulith becomes the master of Tama. For the most part, she is forced to fight for her against her will. Ulith scares and intimidates her. Despite this however, because of her kind nature, Tama showed concern towards Ulith when she later gets stabbed by Akira Aoi.


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  • "Tama" can be translated as "egg" (?), referring her birth after her encounter with Rūko.  The name can also be considered as a shorter form of her full name in the WIXOSS TCG series, Tamayorihime. It is most likely that Ruuko named Tama after her TCG counterpart while looking through the cards in which Tama was packaged in and/or reading the manual.

Character Art DesignsEdit

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