Selector spread WIXOSS music Particle.2 is a soundtrack CD containing the music of Selector spread WIXOSS, composed by Maiko Iuchi, released as a first press bonus of Selector spread WIXOSS BOX2.

Track listing Edit

  1. Battle ~ I can make your wish come true
  2. Why Are You Crying? (どうして泣いているの?)
  3. Mysterious (不思議)
  4. Chiyori (ちより)
  5. Chiyoringa, Chiyorunba, Choriso (ちよりんがー,ちよるんばー,ちょりそー)
  6. Awkward (ギコチナイ)
  7. Slowly (ゆっくりと)
  8. Ulith and Iona (ウリス と いおな)
  9. Lies and Desires, Broken (嘘と欲望,壊れてぐちゃぐちゃ)
  10. Iona and Akira (イオナ と あきら)
  11. Frustration and Fear (苛立ちと恐怖)
  12. Dedication and Dependence ~ Devotion (献身と依存~Devotion)
  13. Conflict
  14. New Form (新しいかたち)
  15. Daily Life ~ Futase (日常~ふたせ)
  16. Lost Road (迷い道)
  17. Fumio (ふみお)
  18. Battle ~ I'm at My Limit (Battle ~ もう,限界なんだ)
  19. Mayu and the White Room (繭と白い部屋)
  20. Crack ~ Brasted piano (ひびわれ ~ Brasted piano)
  21. Ulith (うりす)
  22. Beliefs? (思い込み?)
  23. Hollow Existence (うつろな存在)
  24. We'll Do it All Over Again? (みんなでやりなおそう?)
  25. Battle ~ Consternation
  26. Confrontation and Worry (対峙と痛み)
  27. Wound (傷)
  28. However... (だけど...)
  29. Yuki (ユキ)
  30. Profane Wish ~ Brasted piano
  31. Could It Be (もしかしたら)
  32. Their Own kindness (それぞれの優しさ)
  33. Door (扉)
  34. infinite Girl

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