Selector infected WIXOSS music Particle.2 is a soundtrack CD containing the music of Selector infected WIXOSS, composed by Maiko Iuchi, released as a limited edition bonus of Selector infected WIXOSS BOX3.

Track listing Edit

  1. Trembling Miracle
  2. Delete the world
  3. Daily Life~ Missing parts (日常~ Missing parts)
  4. Grandma (おばあちゃん)
  5. Run! (逃げろ!)
  6. Yuzuki (ゆづき)
  7. Daily Life~ Brasted piano (日常~ Brasted piano)
  8. Sleeping Tama (タマ, おねむ)
  9. Nightmare~ Reversing wish (悪夢~ Reversing wish)
  10. School Life (学校生活)
  11. Something is Going to Start (何かが始まりそう)
  12. Let's Battle! (バトル, やろう!)
  13. Eternal Girl (夢限少女)
  14. Battlefield (バトルフィールド)
  15. Battle ~Call Out the Name! (Battle ~名前を呼んで!)
  16. Battle More (もっとバトルを)
  17. Empty Me (空っぽの私)
  18. Friends (ともだち)
  19. Hitoe (ひとえ)
  20. Battle ~ Even if I Hurt Someone
  21. Battle ~ Even if I Hurt Myself
  22. This Sadness May Leave Me
  23. Akira (あきら)
  24. Misbehaving Girl (わるいこ)
  25. Profane Wish
  26. I Must Stop! (止めなきゃ!)
  27. Battle ~ Culmination
  28. Battle ~ Negative Chain
  29. Silent Fear (静かな恐怖)
  30. Negativity (マイナス)
  31. LRIG
  32. Battle ~ Why Not Eliminate The World

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