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  • Rider of the Black Astolfo

    Umuru=Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation

    Umr=Ett, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

    Umr=Två, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

    Umuru=Tre, Wielder of the Key of Creation

    Umr=Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Chaos


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  • Ulith-Kun

    Piru Piru?

    July 19, 2015 by Ulith-Kun

    (before u ask she is Piru Piru to my friend and I so be prepared to here Piru Piru constantly)

    My best friend and I play on webxoss quite often and she is getting me a Blue Appli starter. Ive never ac…

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  • CFDrewbert

    Deck Help Again?

    July 18, 2015 by CFDrewbert

    So I'm trying to make an Eldora deck I guess and this is what I have so far (note: I know a lot of people like using other colors in this deck but I'm trying to keep it as close to mono-blue as possi…

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"Hope, desire, greed."
"Girls with each of these feelings in their hearts are being swallowed into the vortex of a dangerous game…"

Welcome to selector wikia WIXOSS, an encyclopedia about the WIXOSS franchise that anyone can edit.

WIXOSS (ウィクロス U~ikurosu) is a Japanese media franchise comprised of several parts:

The aim of this wiki is to record every card associated with the WIXOSS TCG,
and to summarize all information pertaining to the original anime series selector infected WIXOSS.
Helps and contributions are very welcomed!

All contributions to selector wikia WIXOSS are considered to be released under the CC-BY-SA
(see Wikia:Licensing for details).

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WIXOSS (ウィクロス U~ikurosu) is a Japanese collectible card game published and developed by Takara Tomy.

selector infected WIXOSSEdit

Anime intro-interval02

selector infected WIXOSS (セレクター インフェクテッド ウィクロス Serekutā Infekuteddo U~ikurosu) is an original anime series by LRIG, a collaboration of Warner Home Video, Takara Tomy, and J.C.STAFF, that was launched on April 2014.

Animation Staff:

  • Original Work: LRIG
  • Director: Takuya Satō
  • Series Composition: Mari Okada
  • Character Design: Kyuta Sakai
  • Music: Maiko Iuchi
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Animation Production: J.C.STAFF
  • Theme Song: Kanon Wakeshima

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