A Seed (シード Shīdo) is a game object that can be manipulated by Iona.

Certain effects can place your cards on your SIGNI zones face down as Seeds. Other effects can bloom (開花する kaika suru) your Seeds, turning them face up and causing them to properly become SIGNI on the field. If a Seed on an already occupied SIGNI zone would bloom, it doesn't become a SIGNI.

  • Each SIGNI zone can only have up to one Seed on it at a time. If a Seed would be placed on a SIGNI zone that already has a Seed on it, put the previous Seed on it into the trash.
  • Seeds can be placed on SIGNI zones that already have SIGNI on them, but as mentioned above, they cannot bloom as long as the SIGNI zone is occupied.
  • Seeds do not count towards level and limit restrictions, so you can place Seeds on the field even if the card is a higher level than your LRIG.
  • Seeds are not treated as SIGNI until they bloom. They are not affected by effects that affect SIGNI. If a SIGNI attacks, and the SIGNI zone in front of it is empty except for a Seed, that SIGNI deals damage.
  • Seeds cannot be arbitrarily placed or removed. They can only be placed or removed by effects.
  • The owner of a Seed can check that card's front side at any time.
  • Spells can be placed as Seeds. If a spell that is a Seed blooms, it is put into the trash without being used.
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