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Kana (仮名) サクリファイススラッシュ
Romaji (ローマ字) Sakurifaisu Surasshu
Chinese (中文) 献祭斩击
Color Black Black
Card Type Spell
Limiting Condition Ulith limited
Cost Black × 3
Card Abilities
Banish one of your SIGNI. If you do, banish one of your opponent's SIGNI.
Lifeburst Life Burst: Banish one of your opponent's SIGNI.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Card Abilities (Chinese/中文)
Lifeburst : 破坏对方1只精灵。
WX-02 Stirred Selector - (WX02-045 - R)
  • Flavor: 有終の儀。 The perfect ritual.
  • Illust: ヤマグチトモ

WX-02 Stirred Selector - (WX02-045 - R - Chinese)

  • Flavor: 有终的牺牲品。
  • Illust: ヤマグチトモ

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