Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko

For the character in the manga, see Remember.

Remember (リメンバ Rimenba) is a white LRIG type. However, although all Remember cards are white, they predominantly include blue ener in their costs. Almost all Remember cards have the Piruluk LRIG type. As a result, Remember cards can grow to and from Piruluk, and Piruluk-limited cards can be used with Remember.

Remember focuses on freezing the opponent's SIGNI and banishing frozen SIGNI. Instead of wearing the opponent down with repeated discard, Remember plays aggressively, banishing SIGNI to deal damage to the opponent.

LRIG cardsEdit

Level 0Edit

Level 1Edit

Level 2Edit

Level 3Edit

Level 4Edit

Level 5Edit

Remember-limited cardsEdit


Level 4Edit

Remember support cardsEdit


LRIG Types
Italicized LRIG types have only level 0 LRIGs and have no known plans to become playable.
White White LRIGs TamaRememberTawilSasheHaityDonaYukime
Red Red LRIGs HanayoYuzukiLalaruRilCarnival
Blue Blue LRIGs PirulukEldoraMilulunSouiFutaseAya
Green Green LRIGs MidorikoAnneAiyaiMelMama
Black Black LRIGs UlithUmrIonaMyuuAlfouHanareNanashiGuzuko
Colorless Colorless LRIGs ?

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