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Remember anime


Personal Information
  • Female
  • LRIG (formerly)
  • Human (in Kiyoi's body)
  • Selector
LRIG unnamed black LRIG (formerly)
  • Kana Aoi
First Appearance
Anime Lostorage incited WIXOSS Episode 9
Manga Episode 00: Prologue

Remember (リメンバ) is a LRIG who appeared in the selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze- manga. She later becomes the Selector of an unnamed black LRIG.


Remember has long wavy blonde hair tied with a purple ribbon headband. She wears a purple top and pale violet skirt. In Kiyoi's body, Remember wore the usual uniform, topped with buttoned coat. In her original human body, she has long wavy brown hair and wears a frilled dress.


Remember is an outspoken LRIG that can be quite blunt in her words when telling the fortunes of others. She has huge confidence on her ability and predictions, this leading her to chastise Kiyoi when she is ignoring her fortunes.

It is revealed that Remember's true personality is similar to Aki-Lucky, she acted innocent and cute to make people believed on her, before showing her dark persona.


Remember appears in a trial deck Sakaguchi intended to give Kiyoi.


A loner girl named Kiyoi Mizushima wished to save her classmate Ayumi Sakaguchi from her coma, and Remember appeared to her, causing Kiyoi to become a Selector. Remember uses Kiyoi's fixation on Ayumi to turns Kiyoi into being cold and callous during battles.

Kiyoi later became an Eternal Girl, and became a LRIG named Piruluk. She told Mayu that she didn't mind becoming a LRIG as long as Ayumi was saved, only for Mayu to show Remember, in Kiyoi's body, cutting off Ayumi's life support and, in a way, saving her from her condition. Since then, Piruluk swore to regain a body to get revenge on Remember.

Piruluk became the LRIG of many girls and finally ended up in the hands of a girl named Amika Hashimoto, who greatly resembles the deceased Ayumi. However, Remember reappeared (now in Kiyoi's body) and told Amika about Piruluk's past to bait her into a Selector battle.

After Piruluk throws the battle, Remember is sent to the White Room. Once again, she is back into her LRIG body and her current selector is inhabiting Remember's human body. Remember attempts to talks to her about a plan for both of them to get their real bodies back. Her LRIG refuses, saying she's come to like Remember's body and life and sticks her in her diary as a bookmark, much to Remember's horror.

Ultimately, the girls who were turned into LRIGs were sent back to their original bodies, after Rūko Kominato's wish was fulfilled. So it's implied that in the end even Remember was able to return back to her human body.


Kiyoi MizushimaEdit

Kiyoi is the master of Remember. Kiyoi made a vow when she met her that she will do anything in order to save Sakaguchi. Kiyoi calls Remember as 'friend', and she trusts her to grant her wishes, even telling her what she wants to do once Sakaguchi is saved.

After Remember in Kiyoi's body kills Sakaguchi, Kiyoi (now Piruluk) vows revenge on Remember. She doesn't mind being fooled by Remember and gets her body taken over since it's her own fault, she is angry because Sakaguchi became a victim because of her.

Ayumi SakaguchiEdit

Remember uses Kiyoi's fixation on Ayumi to turn Kiyoi into being cold and callous during battles. She talks about her to make the twisted and hyper loner Kiyoi brighten up. At the end, in order to fulfil Kiyoi's wish to save Sakaguchi, she killed her to free her from suffering, saving her in a twisted sense.

Amika HashimotoEdit

Remember talks to Amika about Kiyoi's past and pushes her into having battle with her. She comments how Amika looks a lot like Sakaguchi. Remember is surprised when during the battle Piruluk asks Amika to grow her into level 5, saying that it is the problem with newbies, that LRIGs can't grow past level 4. Piruluk then grows into Code Piruluk ACRO, ruining Remember's play.


  • Remember's ability is 'Future Sight'. She is able to interfere with the opponent's future and freeze them, limiting their actions.
  • Remember tells Kiyoi her lucky items and predictions everyday, hoping that she will follow them. Kiyoi keeps ignoring it, refusing to believe prediction outside of battles.
  • Remember and Kiyoi's Selector's battles' records are 5 wins and 1 lose, before she become an Eternal Girl. Remember blames Kiyoi for their loss, because Kiyoi didn't believe in her fortune.
  • Remember comments that Kiyoi is acting like a lovestruck maiden, since she cuts her hair short just because Sakaguchi said she'll look even cuter with short hair.
  • Remember makes an appearance when she was still a human in the first volume of selector infected WIXOSS ―peeping analyze―.
  • Her Tarot card is The Stars.
  • She makes an appearance during Kiyoi's flashback in Lostorage incited WIXOSS episode 9.


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