• Anti-Spell does not prevent Osaki, Phantom Beast Deity's constant ability from triggering. Osaki's constant ability triggers when you use a Green Spell, regardless if the Spell's effect was cancelled.
  • Osaki, Phantom Beast Deity's first skill, when triggered, resolves after the spell's effect is resolved. For example, when you use Repair while you have one Osaki on the field while having 12 cards in your Ener zone: You pay 3 green cards for using Repair. Osaki's effect triggers at this point, but effect resolution is put on hold until after Repair finishes resolving. Repair's effect resolves. You will now put the top card of your deck on to the top of your Life-Cloth. However, since you only have 9 cards in your Ener Zone after paying the cost, you won't be able to put an additional card on to the top of your Life-Cloth. Repair finishes resolving and is send to Trash. Osaki's triggered skill will now resolve and you put the top card of your deck into the Ener Zone.

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