Servant Q

Origin Spirit (精元 Seimoto) is currently the only SIGNI class associated with colorless SIGNI. All Origin Spirits are titled "Servant" (サーバント Sābanto), and named O, D, T, or Q depending on their level (One, Duo, Tre, Quatre respectively). The exception is Servant X, who calls forth other Servants, but seems to imply not only those of Origin Spirit class. All Origin Spirits have Multi Ener and Guard.

There are three groups of Origin Spirits. The first group is based on natural phenomenon such as smoke and light, and have Life Burst: Ener Charge 1. The second group is based on protective figures, like fairies and knights, have the number "2" added to the end of their names, and have less power and no Life Burst, meaning more can be added to a deck without affecting its Life Burst limit. The third group has "Life Burst: Draw 1 card," and may be used by decks that need card draw over Ener Charging.

Being the only SIGNI in WIXOSS to have the ability to Guard, Origin Spirits are a staple in every deck. In addition, Multi Ener enables decks to pay for other color costs by using Origin Spirits in the Ener Zone.


Origin Spirit SIGNI are primarily played in decks as a source of Guard SIGNI. This staple ability allows players to fend off the attacks of the opponent's LRIG, and many decks run 8 to 10 Guards. Origin Spirit SIGNI are frequently used to fill out a player's early levels. As Origin Spirit SIGNI also have Multi Ener, they are also often used to pay off-color costs, most frequently off-color ARTS.

Even though Origin Spirits are usually played in small numbers to supplement a deck's defenses, decks centered around Origin Spirits exist. These usually revolve around the powerful offensive capability of Gathering Protection. The few non-Guard Origin Spirits support the deck by searching out other Servants, eventually closing out the game with Servant Y or Servant Z.

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In addition, Servant X, Gathering Protection, and Colorless Servants specify SIGNI with "Servant" in their names rather than directly supporting Origin Spirits. Currently, all Origin Spirit SIGNI other than Colorless Servants have "Servant" in their card name.

SIGNI Classes
Type White White Red Red Blue Blue Green Green Black Black Colorless Colorless
Image Spirit Angel Valor Wisdom Beautiful Technique Devil
Living Spirit Apparition Dragon Beast Water Beast Earth Beast
Sky Beast
Misfortune Insect
Machine Spirit Labyrinth Riding Machine Electric Machine Cooking Ancient Weapon
Nature Spirit Space Gem
Atom Plant Bacteria
War Spirit Arm Weapon Trick Playground Equipment Poison Fang
Origin Spirit Origin Spirit

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