• This LRIG's [On-Play] ability only allows spells to be used by ignoring its limiting condition. It does not ignore specific targets of a card.
  • The spell that is used by this LRIG's [On-Play] ability checks its abilities and conditions as if the player themselves played that spell from their hand.
  • The spell that is revealed and used by this LRIG's [On-Play] can be interrupted by Spell Cut-In ARTS.
  • A spell used by this LRIG's [On-Play] is sent to the the owner's (i.e. opponent's) trash.
  • A spell that is not used by thie LRIG's [On-Play] is put back into the owner's (i.e. opponent's) hand.
  • This LRIG's first [Action] ability cannot use the spell revealed from the opponent's hand by this LRIG's [On-Play] ability.

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