Gender Female
Classification LRIG
Anime That Encounter is Poisonous
Minami Takahashi
For TCG information, see Midoriko (TCG).

Midoriko (緑子) was Hitoe Uemura's first LRIG in selector infected WIXOSS series. Her real name is Midori Ichikawa.


Midoriko has green hair that juts forward in two long blades and spikes upward in the back. She wears green cloth (or armor) over her chest and on her legs. Midoriko also wears green pants and a scarf. She is often seen donning her primary weapons, a pair of gauntlets. Her green theming likely symbolizes her relation to the green cards.


Midoriko has a calm disposition, often comforting Hitoe in times of dire need. Unlike other LRIGS, however, Midoriko had developed a closer relationship with Hitoe and was quite happy that Hitoe was able to have her wish granted, even without her help as is suggested with her conversation with Hanayo in Episode 4, even if it meant letting go of her chance to take over Hitoe's body and eventual release from the card. Her close relationship with Hitoe ultimately led to her selector's downfall.


Midori or (Midoriko) used to girl who had trouble making friends similar to Hitoe. However, unlike, Hitoe who was just plain shy, Midori preferred to not to make friends because she had no interest in other people, figuring that they was no way they could understand each other, and gave up on that idea. Some time later, she became a Selector, won, and was turned into an LRIG.

Chronology Edit

Midoriko first appears in Episode 2 with her selector Hitoe. In the final episode of season 1, she appears alongside another selector.

Selector Destructed WIXOSS Edit

At the end of Selector Destructed Wixoss, Midoriko (now Midori) meets up with Hanayo again at the Library where Ruko,Hitoe and Yuzuki had that fun non-selector battle that one time with their LRIGs watching. After Hanayo states how she'll forget the whole mess as it was one big nightmare to her, Midori tells her that she won't. She then tells her, her backstory. Midori tells that she was once like Hitoe who had no friends, however unlike Hitoe, she had no friends because she preferred it to be that way, as she had given up on the idea that she could ever meet anyone who could understand her.

Midori then admits to Hanayo that after she became an LRIG, she felt the desire to connect with someone for the first time. She goes on further to say that she was glad that she went through the Selector Battles, because she would've never felt that desire or figure out who herself was and who other people were truly like. After stating that Hanayo asks her for her real name, and Midoriko introduces herself as Midori Ichikawa. Hanayo laughs because her LRIG name was really no different than her human name. In retaliation, Midori asks Hanayo what her real name is, and she admits that it's Hanayo Unjou, to which Midori critcises her for not putting some more creativity in her LRIG Name. They then end up laughing, and then promising to meet again soon.


Hitoe UemuraEdit

Hitoe is both master and friend to Midoriko. As a LRIG, Midoriko greatly desired Hitoe's wish to come true. However, as a friend, she desired to stay in the company of Hitoe, unfortunately causing Hitoe to be targeted by selectors and leading to Hitoe's disqualification as a selector.


  • Midoriko's name is made up of the kanji characters for "green" and "child", referring to her green colour.


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