• All players must send the top card of their deck to the trash 1 at a time at the same time for Metsum, Fallen Cannon Girl's [On-Play] effect. If any abilities trigger at this point, resolve them after completing Metsum's [On-Play] effect, with the turn player having priority.
  • When Code Anti Texahammer is sent to the trash from the deck by this SIGNI's [On-Play] ability, resolve this SIGNI's [On-Play] ability before Code Anti Texahammer's [Constant] ability. After resolving Metsum's ability, Code Anti Texahammer's [Constant] ability will be resolved, and Texahammer may be played onto the field. If there are multiple Code Anti Texahammer sent to the trash from the deck, the player may choose to resolve their abilities in any order.
  • When there are less than 7 cards left in your deck and this SIGNI is played, send the remaining cards to the trash and refresh. This will also apply if your opponent has 7 cards or less left in their deck.