Machine Spirit: Riding Machine (精械:乗機 Sei Kai: Jōki) is a SIGNI class associated with red SIGNI. It is unknown what LRIG is associated with them, but it is likely they will be used by Lalaru in the future. Riding SIGNI are based on vehicles, especially those with engines.


List of Riding Machine SIGNIEdit


Main article: Category:Riding Machine Support
SIGNI Classes
Type White White Red Red Blue Blue Green Green Black Black Colorless Colorless
Image Spirit Angel Valor Wisdom Beautiful Technique Devil
Living Spirit Apparition Dragon Beast Water Beast Earth Beast
Sky Beast
Misfortune Insect
Machine Spirit Labyrinth Riding Machine Electric Machine Cooking Ancient Weapon
Nature Spirit Space Gem
Atom Plant Bacteria
War Spirit Arm Weapon Trick Playground Equipment Poison Fang
Origin Spirit Origin Spirit

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