• This ARTS cannot be used as a cut-in on your opponent's ARTS.
  • This ARTS can be stacked.
    • If you use 2 Lock You on a single turn, for that turn, your opponent must pay an additional Colorless × 6 cost to use any of their ARTS and spells.
  • If your LRIG is Piruluk and you have used Lock You, and your opponent then uses Body and Soul, Body and Soul's cost becomes Green × 1 Colorless × 3.
    • Body and Soul has an "effect that change the cost in specific conditions." Lock You has an "effect that adds a cost (without a specific condition)."
    • "Effects that change the cost in specific conditions" apply before "effects that add a cost." Therefore, Body and Soul's cost first becomes Green × 1. Lock You then adds the Colorless × 3 cost.
  • If you have played Lock You during that turn and your opponent plays Milulun Yocto's [On-Play] or Mind Mines and uses 1 of your spells, that spell has an additional cost of Colorless × 3, which must be paid by your opponent before using that spell.