• This SIGNI's [Constant] ability will trigger and activate even when she attacks the level 4 SIGNI, or when she is attacked by a level 4 SIGNI.
    • If Lævateinn is attacked by a level 4 SIGNI with more power than Lævateinn, Lævateinn will not be banished as a result of the battle.
  • This SIGNI has both Arm and Weapon SIGNI classes. Where applicable, both of her classes will apply for abilities.
  • When Lævateinn attacks Code Anti Vimana, Lævateinn will be banished before entering battle.
    • Code Anti Vimana's [Constant] ability will trigger immediately at the declaration of an attack, before Lævateinn's [Constant] ability (which triggers during battle) can trigger.
    • Therefore, if Lævateinn declares an attack, and your opponent's Vimana is across Lævateinn, and Vimana has a higher power than Lævateinn, Lævateinn will be immediately banished by Vimana's [Constant] ability before Lævateinn enters battle.