Kazuki Kurebayashi
くればやし かづき
紅林 香月
Chara 11
Personal Information
  • 14
  • Male
Classification Human
Occupation Middle School Student
  • Yūsuke Kobayashi
    Micah Solusod
First Appearance
Anime This Miracle Trembles

Kazuki Kurebayashi (紅林 香月) is Yuzuki Kurebayashi's twin brother. He is one of the few non-Selectors to know about Selector Battles. Later, he became Yuzuki's lover as her wish came true.


Kazuki has black hair up till his sleeve and golden eyes. He also occasionally tied his hair on its back.


Kazuki has a very friendly personality and often helps his sister and Rūko with the game, which he understands quite well, due to playing WIXOSS before it got popular and before he knew about the Selector Battles. He is a very sociable person, and is very kind to people. Although, he is not afraid to stand up to someone, if they insult his sister.

Kazuki cares a lot about his twin sister, Yuzuki e.g. this was seen in episode 2, where he met up with Momoko to meet a player who was willing to trade for an Adamasphere for a card, in order to help Yuzuki improve her deck.

He admits in Episode 3 and 10 of Infected, that when he was younger, he was a very shy child and that it was because of Yuzuki, keeping him on the right path, that he was able to become the person that he is now.


Kazuki is the younger twin brother of Yuzuki Kurebayashi. Back when he was a child, he was incredibly shy, but became more socialble thanks to Yuzuki's influence.

Kazuki goes to the same middle school as his sister, and is a senior WIXOSS player. He is the one who originally introduces Yuzuki to the game and gave her the special Red Ambition deck, which came with Hanayo.


Selector infected WIXOSSEdit

Kazuki first appears being brought by Yuzuki at the rooftop along with Rūko. He notices that Rūko is able to hear Hanayo, when Rūko mentions how Hanayo speaks normally compared to her LRIG who only purrs like a cat. He also adds that since he's not a Selector, he has Yuzuki speak in place of Hanayo instead. When Yuzuki pressured R to battle with her, Kazuki voiced his opinion on how unfair a game it would be since Rūko doesn't even know the rules.

Yuzuki continued to challenge Rūko to a Selector Battle nonetheless, declaring that she would defeat Rūko before she gets the chance to learn the rules. As both girls were sent to an alternate dimension, Kazuki instructs Rūko what to do during her turn, much to Yuzuki's dismay. Although Yuzuki complained to Kazuki, Kazuki was unable to hear their voices from the outside. When Kazuki tells Rūko to call out her LRIG's name and attack, during that moment, Rūko names her LRIG "Tama". Kazuki then tells Yuzuki that he doesn't think that the battle is fair, which it should, especially if it is a battle for her wish. When lunchtime ended, Kazuki tells the two girls to get back in the real world.

Since a unknown 3rd party had arrived, in this case a teacher, the battle was interrupted and both girls were sent back to the real world. Before going back to class, just as Rūko was about to ask Yuzuki what she was flustered about earlier, Yuzuki leads Kazuki away. Yuzuki later reveals to Rūko that she and Kazuki are twins.[1]

Selector spread WIXOSS Edit

In Selector spread WIXOSS, Kazuki has much more of a minor role for the first half of the series, due to dating Hanayo (who he thinks is Yuzuki, having taken possession of her body). However, he later gets a bigger role in the last 3 episodes, as he helps Rūko and the others stop the Selector Battles.

In Episode 10, after saving Hanayo from almost being hit by a car during their date, Kazuki states that Hanayo has been acting weird for a while. When Hanayo questions him on how long she has been acting weird, and which version of her does he like best, Kazuki gets confused. However, Hanayo spots the real Iona before he can press further.

In Episode 11, Kazuki comes back from the convenient store early, and winds up overhearing Hanayo telling Yuzuki, Rūko, Hitoe and Yuki about how guilty she feels for deceiving him, because she's not really Yuzuki. Hearing her say this, Kazuki drops his bags which alerts Hanayo to his presence. He then storms in the room and sees Yuzuki's card, much to her embarrassment. Hanayo yells at Yuzuki that she can't grant her wish anymore and runs out of the apartment. Just before Kazuki also chases after her, Hitoe pulls him back and tells him that she'll tell him everything, if he'll just listen to them.

After Hanayo is taken to the hospital, Kazuki comforts Yuzuki by holding her card to his chest, after Hitoe alerts him to Yuzuki's panicking, crying and screaming. On the hospital roof, after hearing their story, Kazuki says that he believes them due to sensing Yuzuki's presence from the card. He then bears witness to Rūko's match against Hitoe. After Rūko enters the white room and Hitoe and Yuzuki are sent back to reality, Kazuki proposes that Mayu might exist somewhere in the real world, which reminds Hitoe of a mansion behind the library. He then goes with them to Mayu's mansion only to find it abandoned and in a state of disrepair. Additionally, Kazuki takes possession of Yuzuki's card for the rest of the final battle, and never lets go of it. After talking to the caretaker, they discover that Mayu had died some time ago.

In Episode 12, Kazuki, Hitoe and Yuzuki sneak into Mayu's former home. Finding the door to her bedroom jammed, Kazuki slams it open with his shoulder. Yuzuki describes her room, as "sad-looking," as there's no windows except for the one window on the roof and the room is filled with toys and books thrown everywhere, as well as paintings of the sky. After Yuzuki reclaims her body, Yuzuki tells Rūko that Kazuki had suggested that she try different cards. He is then seen meeting up with Yuzuki at the station, and the two of them are later seen hanging out. Though whether they are dating or not at the end of the series is left up to the viewer, but judging by Yuzuki's happy expression when she sees him and their interactions while walking, it is apparent that they have gotten closer as a result of everything that has happened.

Other AppearancesEdit

He is briefly mentioned in the Blu-ray exclusive Midoriko and Piruluk-tan shorts. In the first short, he is referred to by Yuzuki as the person she likes and the one who she wants to eat her out.


Yuzuki KurebayashiEdit

Yuzuki is Kazuki's twin sister, however, he is unaware of Yuzuki's feelings for him. He later becomes aware of them when Hanayo confesses Yuzuki's feelings for him in Yuzuki's body.


Although not a Selector, he is a casual player of WIXOSS and is quite talented among his peers. On occasion he also plays with his sister Yuzuki. He primarily uses a Green Midoriko Deck that focuses on Living Spirit: Earth Beast and Nature Spirit: Plant cards, however, he will use other colors as well.

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