• When your opponent has Hanayo Two Remodeled, Roaring Flame and plays a SIGNI with 1000 Power on to the field, during your opponent's turn, their SIGNI does not get banished by this LRIG's ability.
    • This LRIG's second [Constant] ability is applied at the same time as all other [Constant] abilities. During your opponent's turn when they play their 1000 Power SIGNI, Hanayo will increase the SIGNI's Power by +5000 by her second [Constant] ability, while Iona will reduce the SIGNI's Power by -2000 by her second [Constant] ability. As a result, the SIGNI gains a net of +3000 Power, becoming 4000 Power.
    • However, when the opponent's turn ends, Hanayo Two Remodeled, Roaring Flame's second [Constant] ability no longer applies, and the opponent's SIGNI is then banished.
  • When your opponent plays Code Anti Cryskull from their trash onto their field and this LRIG's second [Constant] is active, Cryskull is banished.
    • Iona, Full/Maiden's second [Constant] is always active so long as the condition is fulfilled, therefore has precedence over Cryskull's [On-Play] ability.
  • When your opponent plays Bonya, Small Bow onto their field and this LRIG's second [Constant] is active, Bonya is immediately banished before your opponent may use her [On-Play].


  1. Iona, Full/Maiden v. Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast

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