• If this spell reveals no SIGNI, it causes a refresh. You do not repeat this 2 more times, as refreshing will cause Inactivity to resolve immediately.
  • It is impossible to play a SIGNI whose level exceeds what your LRIG's level or limit allows.[1]
  • Regardless of whether you can play the SIGNI or not, if Inactivity reveals a SIGNI, it is counted among the three times this ability must resolve. You must place the SIGNI in the trash and continue the ability for as many times necessary.[2]
  • "Banish SIGNIs whose power is 0 or less by rule" is not applied until the ability of Inactivity is fully resolved.[3]
  • Code Anti Texahammer's [Constant] ability will activate when trashed by Inactivity's Life Burst.[4]


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