#Nobel#, Treasure of Colorful Wisdom

Image Spirit: Wisdom (精像:英知 Sei Zō: Eichi) is a SIGNI class primarily associated with blue SIGNI. However, they first appeared as green SIGNI in WX-15 Incited Selector.

Wisdom SIGNI are based on famous scholars and scientists, as well as mathematical and scientific concepts.


Many Wisdom SIGNI are able to attack SIGNI Zones other than the one in front of them, allowing allied SIGNI to crush the opponent's Life Cloth.

Other Wisdom SIGNI have abilities designated with [Wisdom = X]. This means that these abilities are only active when the total level of the player's Wisdom SIGNI are equal to the specified number. Thus, Wisdom SIGNI revolve heavily on managing the total levels of your Wisdom SIGNI on the field.

List of Wisdom SIGNIEdit

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