Anna Mirage, Devil Princess

Image Spirit: Devil (精像:悪魔 Sei Zou: Akuma) is a SIGNI class associated with black and blue SIGNI. Devils do not seem to have a very strict naming convention, though their titles often have to do with corruption, sin, and evil. Their names are often derived from figures in history or mythology commonly attributed to evil.

Devils are often portrayed, as their name indicates, like devils, commonly featuring dark auras, bat wings, sharp weapons, and gothic lolita.


Devils tend to focus on gaining a conditional Power boost through Trash count. In order to support those Devils, other Devils often have abilities to mill, or send cards from the top of the deck to the trash.

With the release of WX-04 Infected Selector, Devils gained a focus on the use of Charms, a new resource-like mechanic used for a variety of benefits such as increased power or protection against banishes.

Blue Devil SIGNI are associated with Piruluk and are focused around keeping your hand size low.

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