Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast

Image Spirit: Beautiful Technique (精像:美巧 Sei Zou: Bikō) is a SIGNI class associated with green SIGNI. They were introduced in WX-04 Infected Selector. Beautiful Techniques have various titles, but often relate to the subject of names, which are based on art movements since the modern period. Their princess is Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast.

Beautiful Techniques are based on the art movement of which they are named, and may or may not be based on an actual painting of that movement.


Beautiful Techniques are closely related to Anne. Beautiful Techniques are centered around being able to defend against the opponent's attacks. This goal is achieved in two ways: by negating the attack itself and by constantly having a Beautiful Technique presence. Because of the latter, Beautiful Techniques tend to constantly be around and difficult to completely wipe, especially when they are safeguarded by their Contempora's ability.

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