Arcgain, Archangel of Pioneering

Image Spirit: Angel (精像:天使 Sei Zou: Tenshi) is a SIGNI class associated with white SIGNI. The title of Angels are various and mostly unique to each Angel, though commonly related to religious and/or spiritual subjects. Some of the names may be based on the Judeo-Christian archangels, while others are based on angelic figures of mythology.

Being celestial messengers or holy soldiers, Angels are often depicted with very standard angelic features of feathered wings, heavenly rays of light, and often holding objects related to their origins such as books or swords.

In WX-21 Betrayed Selector, gods from various mythologies have been depicted as Angel SIGNI of colors other than white and black.


Angels focus on the primary abilities of the color white: search, bounce, and defense. Many Angels have effects that generate SIGNI, keep other Angel SIGNI on the field, and prevent the opponent from dealing damage to a player's Life Cloth. Their set of abilities is largely similar to Arms, the other large white SIGNI class, although Angels lean more towards defense than Arms do.

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SIGNI Classes
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Image Spirit Angel Valor Wisdom Beautiful Technique Devil
Living Spirit Apparition Dragon Beast Water Beast Earth Beast
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Misfortune Insect
Machine Spirit Labyrinth Riding Machine
Electric Machine Cooking Ancient Weapon
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