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Personal Information
  • Female
  • LRIG (Former)
  • Human
  • Ayako Kawasumi
First Appearance
Anime This Miracle Trembles (debut)
For TCG information, see Hanayo (TCG).
Come at me!

—Hanayo's introduction, This Miracle Trembles

Hanayo (花代, Hanayo), real name Hanayo Unjoh (雲上華代, Unjoh Hanayo) is one of the protagonists of the game selector battle with WIXOSS. In order to take revenge to people who took advantage of her childhood friend, she becomes Paltea's Selector and participated in Selector Battles. She eventually becomes an Eternal Girl becoming Yuzuki Kurebayashi's LRIG, whose body she later takes over during selector infected WIXOSS. As Yuzuki, she carries out her Selector's wish up until the near end of selector spread WIXOSS. Her wish is "I want to meet someone who truly loves me".


As a human she has short brown hair with a little ahoge on top of her head. She has fair skin and wears a sailor fuku with a red neckerchief.

After becoming an LRIG, she had a drastic change in appearance. She now has waist-length hair that is purplish grey in color, oriented with five pink flowers, designed in a crown-like fashion. She wears clothing consisting of a red flora like skirt along with tall red plant like shoes. After taking over Yuzuki's body, she takes on her full appearance.


Hanayo seems to have a calm and a composed personality (in stark contrast to her master). However, she strongly supports Yuzuki in times of need and fully supports Yuzuki's wish. She is described as having a dry personality who rarely changes her expression.


During Battle with WIXOSS, it is revealed that Hanayo's parents often neglected her, and she grew up without getting any love from her family. This is the reason of her wish, to meet someone who truly loves her.


selector battle with WIXOSSEdit

selector infected WIXOSSEdit

Hanayo first appears in the series as Yuzuki's LRIG, introduced shortly after Yuzuki befriended Ruko. At the rooftop, Hanayo explains to Rūko that both she and Yuzuki are Selectors, chosen girls who compete to become Eternal Girls and have their wish granted. Hanayo adds that celebrities that have promoted WIXOSS are Selectors themselves, looking for other Selectors to battle them. After Ruuko complied with Yuzuki's request for a Selector Battle, both Selectors were brought into a strange field where both Hanayo and Ruko's LRIG are alive.

When Yuzuki complained to Kazuki coaching Ruuko, Hanayo states that Kazuki is unable to hear their voices from the outside. During the battle, Yuzuki is surprised that Ruuko is already better than her even though she is just a beginner. Just as Yuzuki begins to lose hope, Hanayo reminds Yuzuki of her wish. Flustered, Yuzuki tells Hanayo to stop talking about her wish. In the end, their battle is interrupted by a teacher, and both girls were sent back to the real world and lunchtime has just ended. Yuzuki then asks Hanayo what happened to the battle. Hanayo states that their match was a no-loss game, since the battle was terminated by an external influence. As later stated by Yuzuki in the train station, Hanayo went to sleep sometime after the battle.[1]

After winning a series of Selector Battles with her Selector Yuzuki, she invokes the oath to becoming an Eternal girl and in the process takes over Yuzuki's body.

selector spread WIXOSSEdit

Hanayo Human

Hanayo talking with her friends

After Mayu granted Ruko's wish, Hanayo, along with the other girls who were turned into LRIGs were sent back to their original bodies. She was last seen in a playground conversing with a group of friends, where she spots Yuzuki and Kazuki passing by.


Yuzuki KurebayashiEdit

Yuzuki is Hanayo's Selector. Hanayo is the first person whom Yuzuki tells her inner desire to. Yuzuki calls her "Hanayo-san". It can be said that Hanayo cares for Yuzuki, as shown when she cried while Yuzuki becomes an Eternal Girl. After possessing Yuzuki's body, she tries her best to fulfill Yuzuki's wish.

Kazuki Kurebayashi Edit

Kazuki was the person who purchased the Red Ambition Trial Deck containing her. Although they could not communicate, it is stated early in the series that Yuzuki tells Kazuki what Hanayo says. It seems as though Kazuki believes that Hanayo exists even though they have not communicated face to face until she was released from her card. When she took over Yuzuki's body, she fulfills Yuzuki's wish and has taken over the role of Kazuki's lover. Eventually, Yuzuki's wish became a burden to her and slowly her relationship with Kazuki begins to break down, as she feels guilty of the true feelings she has for Kazuki, which makes her feel guilty since it's now her own wish.


  • Hanayo's name is made up of the kanji for "flower" and "generation". Her name also means "World of Flowers".
  • Along with Yuzuki, Hanayo is one of the few Selectors who turned into LRIGs to have kept their original names. Like Yuzuki, Hanayo's name is written differently from how it was originally written.
  • She is similar to Kiyoi Mizushima, as both became involved in Selector Battles to save their friend. Both characters also express their emotions rarely.
  • Her Tarot card is Judgement.


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