Kana (仮名) ラセキガーネット
Romaji (ローマ字) Raseki Gānetto
Chinese (中文) 罗石 石榴石
Color Red Red
Card Type SIGNI
Level 3
Limiting Condition Hanayo limited
Class Nature Spirit: Gem
Power 7000
Card Abilities
[On-Play]: Until end of turn, this SIGNI's power is 15000.
Life Burst Life Burst: Draw one card.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Life Burst: カードを1枚引く。
Card Abilities (Chinese/中文)
On-Play: 直到回合结束时为止,此牌力量变为15000。
Life Burst: 抽1张牌。
WXD-02 Red Ambition - (WD02-011 - ST)
  • Flavor: あなたはもっと輝けるはず。 ~ガーネット~ You should shine even more. ~Garnet~
  • Illust: mado*pen

SP-02 spec selector: Hitoe Uemura - (SP02-013 - SP)

  • Flavor: 個性的である必要性・・・? ~ガーネット~ The necessity to have individuals...? ~Garnet~
  • Illust: mado*pen

WXD-02 Red Ambition - (WD02-011 - ST - Chinese)

  • Flavor: 你一定能绽放出更多的光芒的。~石榴石~ You should shine even more. ~Garnet~
  • Illust: mado*pen