Double-Faced Resona
This card's other face is New Moon, White Natural Star.
Kana (仮名) ハクラセイフルムーン
Romaji (ローマ字) Hakurasei Furu Mūn
Color White White
Card Type Resona
Limiting Condition Sashe limited
Class Nature Spirit: Space
Level 4
Power 15000
Card Abilities
(Play Condition) [Main Phase] Put a total of 3 non-Resona <Space> SIGNI from your hand and field into the trash
[Constant]: Your other Resonas are unaffected by the effects of your opponent's SIGNI.
[On-Play]: Until your next turn, during each of your opponent's SIGNI attack steps, they can only attack with a total of 1 SIGNI.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
WX-13 Unfeigned Selector - (WX13-005A - LR - 5/19/2016)
  • Flavor: 今はとて 天の羽衣 着る折ぞ ~フルムーン~
  • Illust: hitoto*

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