Ener Charging (エナチャージ Ena Chāji) is the act of putting the top card of your deck into the ener zone. Various abilities, mostly on green and colorless cards, allow you to Ener Charge.

The term "Ener Charge" appears on Life Burst abilities and cards released from WXK-P01 Klaxon and on. However, many cards before WXK-P01 allow you to put the top card of your deck into the ener zone in a fashion similar to Ener Charging.

Colors White WhiteRed RedBlue BlueGreen GreenBlack BlackColorless Colorless
Card Types LRIGARTSSIGNISpellResonaKeyCraft
Game Zones Check ZoneDeckEner ZoneField (SIGNI Zone, LRIG Zone)
HandLife ClothLRIG DeckLRIG TrashTrash
Game Mechanics AbilityAttackBanishCoinCostCrushDamageDiscardDrawExclude
Ener ChargeExceedFreezeGrowLife BurstUp/DownRefreshRemove
Keywords AccessoryAssassinBetChainCharmCross (Heaven) ● Double CrushEncoreGuard
LancerLayerMulti EnerRide (Drive) ● RiseShadowS LancerTrapTriple CrushVirus
Miscellaneous FAQsFormats (Key SelectionAll-Star) ● Mayu's RoomRule processingTrigger ability