• To activate this ARTS's ability, you must pay the cost of this ARTS with 1 of every single color, excluding Colorless Colorless. This does not mean the color of the cards used to pay this ARTS.
    • It is possible to pay for the cost of End Hole with 5 cards with Multi Ener, each one meaning to be paid as White, Red, Blue, Green, and Black.
    • If, for example, you pay for the cost of End Hole with Black × 2 and 3 cards with Multi Ener, it is impossible to pay using all colors. Therefore, you cannot activate End Hole's ability.
    • If, for example, you pay for the cost of End Hole with Black × 1, Green × 1, and 3 cards with Multi Ener, and the cards with Multi Ener are declared to be White, Red, and Blue, End Hole's ability will activate.
  • When this ARTS is used, the spell it has cut in does not activate. The spell (which currently exists in the Check Zone) is placed into the trash at the resolution of End Hole's ability. The spell no longer exists to activate its ability.
  • All cards with abilities with the text saying "This turn" and "Until end of turn" are ended by this ARTS.
    • However, cards whose ability texts say "At the end of your turn..." or "At the end of turn..." will not be affected and resolve as normal.

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