1. Upon playing Scylla, pay the cost of Blue × 1 to activate Scylla's [On-Play] ability.
  2. Crush 1 Life Cloth by Scylla's ability, then put it into the Check Zone.
  3. Life Burst Steps
    1. If the crushed card has a Life Burst, you may trigger it. Resolve the Life Burst.
    2. If you did trigger the Life Burst, you may activate Eldora=Mark IV''s first [Constant] ability (Draw 1 card). Resolve the [Constant] ability.
  4. Then, the crushed Life Cloth card is not placed in the Ener Zone, it is put into the trash.
  5. Then, add the top card of your deck to your Life Cloth.
  6. Then, you may activate Eldora=Mark IV''s second [Constant] ability by paying Blue × 3.

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