• When your opponent's Energe, Original Spear's [Action] ability is active, and your opponent banishes this SIGNI by an ability, this SIGNI's first [Constant] ability does not activate.
    • Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast's first [Constant] ability will only trigger when sent to the trash by your opponent's ability.
    • However, Energe's [Action] ability changes the ruling of how banishes are handled; rather than being banished and sent to the Ener Zone, they are instead sent to the trash as a change in ruling for that turn.
    • Therefore, Contempora is not sent to the trash by an opponent's ability, but by a change in the game mechanics.
  • When this SIGNI is sent to the trash by the opponent's ability, triggering her first [Constant], and your LRIG's LRIG Type is not Anne, you may still use this SIGNI's first [Constant] ability to return her to your hand.