Congratulation Pack
SP12 vol.1
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Release Date January 1, 2016 (vol. 1)
March 1, 2016 (vol. 2)
Key Selection No
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SP-11 Selector's Pack Vol. Christmas SP-13 Selector's Pack New Year Fortune Ver.

The Congratulation Packs, Congratulation Pack vol. 1 and Congratulation Pack vol. 2, are promotional packs.

These packs were distributed as prizes in WIXOSS Party events, the same as regular CONGRATULATION! cards. However, to commemorate the release of selector destructed WIXOSS, packs of CONGRATULATION! cards were provided instead of a singular CONGRATULATION! card. Each pack contains 1 card, a Chocolate LRIG card in foil and with different flavor text from its original printing. These packs mark the first printing of the Chocolate LRIG versions of Sashe Nouvelle, Eternal Messenger, Myuu=Hatch, and Aiyai★Bet.

Congratulation Pack vol. 1 was distributed through January to February 2016, while Congratulation Pack vol. 2 was distributed through March to April 2016.

Card ListEdit

Congratulation Pack vol. 1Edit

NoCard NameColorTypeLevel
SP12-001 Tamayorihime, New Moon Miko White LRIG 0
SP12-002 Hanayo Zero Red LRIG 0
SP12-003 Code Piruluk Blue LRIG 0
SP12-004 Midoriko, Combat Girl Green LRIG 0
SP12-005 Ulith, Enma Black LRIG 0
SP12-006 Eldora×Mark 0 Blue LRIG 0
SP12-007 Yuzuki Zero Red LRIG 0
SP12-008 Iona, Zero/Maiden Black LRIG 0

Congratulation Pack vol. 2Edit

NoCard NameColorTypeLevel
SP12-009 Anne, Locus of Miracles Green LRIG 0
SP12-010 Milulun Nought Blue LRIG 0
SP12-011 Umr=Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation Black LRIG 0
SP12-012 Remember, Star-Reading Miko White LRIG 0
SP12-013 Tawil=Noll, Prolonged of Life White LRIG 0
SP12-014 Sashe Nouvelle, Eternal Messenger White LRIG 0
SP12-015 Myuu=Hatch Black LRIG 0
SP12-016 Aiyai★Bet Green LRIG 0
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