• This SIGNI's first [Constant] removes all abilities that appear in the text field of the opponent's SIGNI's card. This includes appended abilities such as Baroque Defense's "Cannot attack" and Angry Roar's "When this SIGNI crushes... put the top card of your deck into the Ener Zone."
  • This SIGNI's first [Constant] does not remove the Life Burst icon of the SIGNI in front of her, only ability texts.
  • If an ability causes a SIGNI's power to change, and Code Labyrinth Louvre is played in front of it, causing the first SIGNI to lose abilities, that SIGNI's power does not change as a result of Louvre's ability-removal.
  • If you play Code Labyrinth Louvre in front of your opponent's Code Labyrinth Louvre, the latest Louvre's ability is applied first. Therefore, only your opponent's Louvre has her ability removed.[2]


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