• This SIGNI's [Constant] ability restricts the opponent from sending their SIGNI from the field into the trash except by card abilities.
    • For example, the opponent may still send their SIGNI to the trash for the ability of Arc Aura.
  • Code Art ACG's [Constant] ability will restrict the opponent's ability to send their SIGNI to the trash as part of a cost, or the cost itself.
    • "Cost" being all things to the left of the colon ( : ) on a SIGNI's ability text.
    • For example, your opponent cannot use Turquo, Natural Stone's ability so long as Code Art ACG is on your field because her ability requires your opponent to send Turquo to the trash.
  • Even when this SIGNI is on the field and your opponent has Arcgain, Archangel of Pioneering on the field, your opponent still cannot send their <Angel> SIGNI to the trash except by a card ability.
    • Code Art ACG restricts the game mechanic of sending SIGNIs from the field to the trash during the Main Phase, and therefore does not directly affect SIGNI.
  • Code Art ACG prevents your opponent from sending their SIGNI to the trash for the play condition of a Resona.

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