Chinatsu Morikawa
Chinatsu Morikawa char
Morikawa Chinatsu
Gender Female
  • Mother
  • Father
Anime Lostorage incited WIXOSS Episode 1
Yuka Iguchi

Chinatsu Morikawa (森川千夏 Morikawa Chinatsu) is a main character of Lostorage incited WIXOSS.

Appearance Edit

Chinatsu has short black hair and blue eyes. She is mostly seen in her school uniform.


Chinatsu is a very serious girl who hates losing above all else. She can be selfish and stubborn due to her habit of making decisions that end up causing more trouble for the people around her e.g. ignoring her parents' financial troubles because she wants to stay in her private school. She later snaps after losing twice in the Selector Battles and because of the rumors circling about her; she takes on a much colder personality later after winning her first battle.

This colder personality she adopts is much more sadistic as demonstrated by her battle style. She despises and blames Suzuko for forcing her into the stifling position of a role model, even though in truth Chinatsu herself is responsible for her problems. Chinatsu further becomes far more manipulative, using anything from flattery to threats to get people to join Kou Satomi's ring of Selectors.


Back when she was a child, Chinatsu was good friends with Suzuko Homura, who promised her that they would always be friends.In the 3rd year of Middle School, her father's company goes broke and her family is forced to sell the house. However, due to her sheer stubbornness, she still insists on attending a private high school, and takes part-time jobs to pay for it.


Lostorage incited WIXOSSEdit

She first appears in Episode 1 in a flashback, where she gives Suzuko a plushie which Suzuko names Ril. She is later seen working at WgRonald's, overhearing two guys talking about WIXOSS. After work, she goes home. Her mother shows concern over her working so much, but she shrugs it off. At the end of Episode 1, she is seen meeting the LRIG of the Beginning.

After becoming a Selector, Chinatsu has her first battle with Kiyoi Mizushima. She loses the first of her three coins to her, losing the second one to Kagari Yukino. Prior to leaving, Kiyoi mentions that the reason why she lost was because she was holding herself back. After a series of unfortunate events in her life and losses in Selector Battles, Chinatsu eventually wins her first coin from Rio Koshiba. However, because she temporarily loses her memories of Suzuko which also gets distorted, she begins to think that she doesn't need Suzuko anymore.

Some time later, she reconnects with Shohei Shirai and his LRIG Dona who saves her from being harassed by some guys. After trying to convince him to battle her, Shohei explains that her won't battle because of a traumatic experience he had with another Selector. He then reminds her of how her words saved him once just after he had injured his leg. Walking across a bridge later, he tries to get her to consider going out again stating that if he had a memory that he wanted to change then it'd be the one where she had rejected him. However, Chinatsu rejects him again, in favour of her own desire to get rid of her memories of Suzuko. She is later seen entering the Bookmaker's shop in episode 3.

In episode 4, Kou Satomi arranges not only a match for her with Sou Sumida, but also a fated reunion with Suzuko in the same playground that they once played in. During her match with Sou Sumida, she displays a creepy side to herself that disturbs Suzuko. After the battle which results in her win, Chinatsu confronts Suzuko stating how much she treasured her memories of their times together, but also how hard it was for her to live up Suzuko's ideal of her. She then further explains that when she lost her memories of Suzuko after losing most of her coins, she felt a sense of liberation that she never felt before, like one of the chains binding her had been released. To Suzuko's horror, after Chinatsu explains what Kou Satomi told her about the reward, she then declares to Suzuko that she will get stronger, win the Selector Battles, in order to rid herself of Suzuko and her weak self.

After her parents try to explain to her that because of their financial troubles, they wouldn't be able to send her to the university of her choice. She runs out of the apartment stating that she won't lose. After that, she is seen making a phone call to somebody (Kou Satomi) saying that she'll take the job.This job is later revealed to be a recruiting job.

Some time later, Chinatsu gets a job as a recruiter for Kou Satomi (the Bookmaker). Chinatsu then proceeds to trick/bribe/force and seduce various Selectors such as Rio Koshiba and Hidehiko Kanae into joining Satomi's Selector network. After showing some hesitation with recruiting Rio, Satomi starts implying that she is the one tying herself down Satomi pits her against Suzuko in order to test Chinatsu's resolve. During this match, Chinatsu shows intense hatred towards Ril and Suzuko, thinking that Suzuko might've replaced her with Ril. She furthers shows shock when Suzuko beats her Berserk skill, by using it to protect herself.

During the match, Chinatsu also admits to herself how she's been jealous of Suzuko ever since they were younger because she could think outside the box, and get all of the things that she wanted so easily e.g. friends. She also states that she wanted to keep Suzuko's smile all to herself, hating herself for the twisted relationship she was building by making herself over-reliant on Suizuko by basing her entire world around her. Chinatsu then snaps, but just as it looks like Suzuko might lose her last coin, a third party interferes and makes their match a no-count. Before leaving, she tells Suzuko that it'd be better for her if she had disappeared.

Later on, Chinatsu shows more signs of a mental breakdown, as her recruiting gets more and more violent and twisted such as when she beats down a Selector who tried to jip her after Chinatsu willingly loses to her. Kou Satomi then asks her to recruit Shohei Shirai, who Chinatsu proceeds to seduce into battling despite his vow not to. At first during the battle, she makes it out that she wants to lose to Shohei, but after the mid-point of the battle she reveals her true twisted side to Shohei and proceeds to crush him. After the battle, Shohei asks if she is really Chinatsu Morikawa.

In episode 8, she introduces Shohei to the Bookmaker, however after some provocation by Satomi and a failed attempt at punching him, Shohei then proceeds to drag Chinatsu out of the shop. Shohei then asks her why she is working for someone like him, further asking if she is forcing herself to do this. Chinatsu vehemently denies this, but Shohei states that the old her wouldn't have done this. Chinatsu angrily tells him to butt out of her business, but Shohei states that he can't leave her alone because she had saved him. He then mentions how Suzuko is trying to save her too, but in shock Chinatsu asks him if he is trying to tie her down too. She then starts muttering to herself that she is different from how she used to be and places her head on Shohei's shoulder.

As she and Mel are walking home later, Mel is shown pitying her by saying how nobody understands her. Chinatsu explains that she is just trying to move forward, not realizing that she hasn't moved an inch since then. She then asks why everybody is treating her as if she is the bad one. Mel consoles her. Back outside the shop, Dona asks Shohei if signing the contract was the right thing to do, to which he replies that Chinatsu was shaking.

The next day, Chinatsu is seen handing a bunch of contracts to Kou Satomi, she then leaves the shop. As she and Mel are walking away from it, Mel reminds her about how she hasn't handed in Shohei's contract yet and asks her why she hasn't done it yet. Chinatsu states that it's none of her business, however Mel further asks if the reason she hasn't is because she doesn't want to involve him in her mess. Mel then quickly changes her mind saying that of course Chinatsu wouldn't do because once she sets her mind to something, she never goes back. Chinatsu denies this, but Mel tells her to prove it by handing in Shohei's contract to Kou and by declaring it in front of Suzuko who is walking by.

After Suzuko declares her intent of not giving up her memories of their time together and to become strong enough to not rely on Chinatsu all of time. Chinatsu is seen being slightly happy about that. However, Mel drags her back to her dark side by talking about how light can blind a person or make them stand out, and how Chinatsu would never yield to Suzuko's light because she has made her choice. Chinatsu then declares her intent to make Suzuko disappear and walks off.

In Episode 9, she battles Kiyoi Mizushima again because Kiyoi wants to help her get away from Satomi. During the battle, Kiyoi tells her about her past as an LRIG and the dark truth behind Selector Battles. However, despite Kiyoi's best efforts, Chinatsu states that she doesn't care about what happened in the past as she's fighting for herself. However, despite saying this, Chinatsu starts showing signs of her wavering resolve throughout the rest of episode 9. She also pushes away Shohei who is trying to help her. It is only after talking to Yukime who complains about hard it is for an LRIG to live life as its boring and painful and witnessing her subsequential suicide, that Chinatsu truly starts reconsidering her position on the battles.


Chinatsu's Family Edit

Chinatsu's family consist of her mother and father. At first, Chinatsu seemingly gets along with her family. However, she keeps her worries and concerns to herself, not wanting to further trouble her parents. After her personality change she constantly worries her parents as she gets more and more distant from them. They don't know about her new job for the Bookmaker.

Suzuko HomuraEdit

Chinatsu and Suzuko were friends when they were children. Suzuko was the one who approached her when she was playing with sandpit on the kindergarten. Suzuko is patient with her, and eventually they become close friends. Since Suzuko had no problem making friends, Chinatsu envied her a bit. Little Chinatsu starts to show yandere traits, as she admits to herself that she hated it when Suzuko is smiling with her friends, and wanted her smile to be hers alone. Chinatsu then washed Suzuko's feet, and Suzuko was worried that she will be troubled because she was playing in the rain with bare feet. Chinatsu states that she will cover for her, and she tells her that she will always protect Suzuko, and that's why she should never leave her side. This promise could be the reason why Suzuko and Chinatsu becomes the way they are. Suzuko is a rather dependent person, despite being an independent child. As a result, Suzuko becomes unknowingly tricked into becoming dependent on Chinatsu.

Chinatsu in her high school kept doing her best for Suzuko, but one day, at the end nothing good happened to her. She placed her blame on Suzuko because she is the reason why she acted that way. Her motivation to do Selector Battles is that she wants to to forget Suzuko, as her memories of her hold her down, although she is the one who has been obsessed and manipulated by her since they were little.

It is also implied that Chinatsu's habit of letting Mel take on attacks during the early stages of battles is Chinatsu's way of punishing Suzuko for the pain she has caused her.

Chinatsu refers to her as "Suzu".


Chinatsu is Mel's Selector. Mel affectionately calls Chinatsu "Chi-chan". At first Chinatsu barks at this, tells her to stop and says that she's not Suzu. Nowadays, she just let her LRIG call by her nickname. As the series progresses, Mel is seen goading and manipulating Chinatsu into falling further into the darkness showing that she has a manipulative side of her personality. It is also implied that Chinatsu's habit of letting Mel take on attacks during the early stages of battles is Chinatsu's way of punishing Suzuko for the pain she has caused her.

Chinatsu also possessed a toy she made when she was a child, and Suzuko calls her "Mel". After the battle against Sumida, Chinatsu crushes the toy on her feet, and Suzuko's the one keeping it afterwards.

Shohei ShiraiEdit

Shohei is Chinatsu's friend from middle school. He has a crush on her, and has confessed to her twice. He was rejected twice, since Chinatsu is focused on Suzuko (at first) and recently Selector Battles. After Chinatsu gets more twisted and he is seduced into a battle with her, Shohei gets deeply disturbed by how twisted has become. Despite being disturbed by her new attitude, he later tries to make escape from the Bookmaker's influence, stating that the old her wouldn't have done such things.and although Chinatsu refuses he notices that she was trembling. It should also be interesting to note that Chinatsu hasn't handed in Shohei's contract yet, meaning that she might care enough for him to not drag him into her mess.

However, this changes in Episode 9, when she hands Shohei's contract over to the Bookmaker stating that she forgot about it. Despite this, Shohei still makes repeated attempts to save her, even though she keeps on brushing him away and storms off on him.

In Episode 10, Shohei brings her to their old Middle School to reminisce on old times, after a while, Chinatsu gets upset and starts to walk away after Shohei tells her that he's planning on taking up soccer again. A couple of days later, despite saying that he won't contact her any longer, Shohei calls Chinatsu up again on his cell phone. Shohei then tells her that forgot to tell her to never forget her real wish. He then tries to confess his feelings again to her, but relents and says his final farewell to her, knowing that Satomi may've paired him up against someone that he couldn't beat or couldn't bring himself to beat.

After Chinatsu meets up with Satomi, she finds out about Shohei and Rio's desperate situations. After Satomi blames her for causing this mess, because she was the one who initially got them involved with him, Chinatsu runs off to find them. Knowing that one of the two will disappear, Chinatsu runs as fast as she can and eventually finds the battle site, but she had arrived too late. Seeing Dona crying in Shohei's body, Chinatsu realizes what had happened, that Shohei had sacrificed himself to save Rio. As a result, Chinatsu becomes shocked, devastated, and potentially heart-broken by his disapperance.

Kou Satomi Edit

Kou Satomi is both Chinatsu's helper and her employer. She initially comes to him to find opponents, but ends up seeking employment with him instead. When Kou asks her why she took this job, Chinatsu states that its because she needed fast money in order to pay for her school tuition fees and to build her college fund. Despite this employer-employee relationship, though, Chinatsu has made it clear that she doesn't like Satomi at all. However, she will put up with his nasty attitude and behaviour, as wells as his methods, because it is the fastest way to clear her goal of getting rid of Suzuko from her memories.

In Episode 9, as a result of Kiyoi's impeachments, Shohei attempts to free her from the Bookmaker, and Yukime's subsequent suicide, Chinatsu starts to doubt her actions, motivations, and views on Selector Battles, and at the time was possibly terminating her business relationship with Satomi.

However, in Episode 10, Satomi makes it clear that she can't escape him by telling her about how he's forcing Shohei into battling to Rio with both of them having only one coin left. Satomi then says that Chinatsu is responsible for this mess, because she was the one who initially got them involved with him.Knowing that one of the two will disappear, Chinatsu runs off to the battle site, but ends up arriving too late as Shohei sacrificed himself to save Rio. As a result, Chinatsu may be seeking revenge on Satomi for causing Shohei to disappear.

Kiyoi Mizushima Edit

Kiyoi is Chinatsu's first opponent when Chinatsu starts out. After beating her for the first time, Kiyoi tells her that the reason why she lost is because she (Chinatsu) is holding herself back. When Kiyoi encounters Chinatsu again, she ends up stopping Chinatsu from recruiting another unwilling Selector into Satomi's network. When Kiyoi tries to warn Chinatsu about Kou Satomi the Bookmaker, Kiyoi realises that Chinatsu knows she is being used, but doesn't care. Kiyoi then challenges her. During the battle, Kiyoi realises that Chinatsu is still holding herself back, so she chooses to tell Chinatsu about her own past as an LRIG and about the horrible truth of Selector Battles. She also tries to warn her about Satomi again, though it continues to fall on deaf ears.

Despite Kiyoi's best efforts, Chinatsu ignores her advice proclaiming that she doesn't care about what happened in the past, and that she is only battling for herself. Seeing this display, Kiyoi decides to lose on purpose. When Chinatsu asks Kiyoi why she lost on purpose, Kiyoi just states that she still has some business to take care off, so she can't leave the world of Selector Battles just yet. After Yukime commits suicide in front of her, Chinatsu begins to realize just how true Kiyoi's words were and starts rethinking her views on Selector Battles.

Kagari Yukino and Yukime Edit

Kagari is the second opponent that Chinatsu fights and loses to. Some time after, Kagari loses her body to Yukime, Chinatsu encounters Yukime in Kagari's body who explains that she tried to live life, once she got her body, but she feels that life is boring and full of loneliness and pain. Yukime then proceeds to commit suicide by jumping off of the bridge they were on. This event traumatizes Chinatsu and makes her reconsider her position on Selector Battles. In Episode 10, Chinatsu is seen leaving flowers for both Kagari and Yukime at the bridge where Yukime committed suicide.

Play-Style Edit

Throughout most of the anime series, Chinatsu uses a Green Mel deck that focuses on using Cooking SIGNI cards. Her play-style mainly involves a heavily-focused defense; attacking only when necessary and forcing her LRIG to bear the brunt of her opponent's attacks.

After Suzuko's victory over Kou Satomi in the last episode of Lostorage incited WIXOSS, Chinatsu switches to a Green Midoriko Deck that focuses on using Nature Spirit: Plant cards.

She also habitually uses her LRIG's ability, Berserk, to force her opponents into making a bad move (e.g. attacking prematurely and making them use up all of their cards). Though this ability is first thought to be omnipotent, Suzuko proves that it can be beaten through sheer will and with her coin skill, Honest.


Throughout most of the anime series, Chinatsu primarily uses a Green Mel deck that focuses on using Cooking SIGNI cards. However, after Suzuko's victory over Kou Satomi, Chinatsu starts using a Green Midoriko Deck, which focuses on using Nature Spirit: Plant cards.


Chinatsu's Mel Deck





Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Chinatsu's Midoriko Deck


  • Chinatsu's voice actor, Yuka Iguchi, is also the singer for Lostorage incited WIXOSS's opening theme, Lostorage.
  • During Lostorage Incited WIXOSS episode 4, Chinatsu didn't put a SIGNI on the middle field on purpose.
  • Despite initially fighting in battles throughout most of her 90-day time limit, Chinatsu is the first Selector to win by waiting out the time limit, whilst still having gold on her coin. However, due to the price involved in winning in this manner, Chinatsu ends up losing all of her memories of Suzuko and the Selector Battles as a result (which were the memories that were the most important to her and the core memories that made up Mel).
  • Chinatsu's blood type is A.



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