• Zekons

    You can see my fanon Wiki., have a look. You can create your own characters, wixoss, fanfictions and more.

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  • PhoenixRising88

    Hi, this is PhoenixRising88. I was watching the special for Lostorage conflated WIXOSS special and I decided to write a breakdown of the 1 hour special.

    I hope you all enjoy it!

    Lostorage conflated WIXOSS

    Special Notes

    Voice Actors Present: Ai Kakuma (Ruko Kominato), Yuka Iguchi (Chinatsu Morikawa) and Chinami Hashimoto (Suzuko Homura)

    First 15 mins

    • Lostorage conflated WIXOSS trailer
    • Introduction
    • Radio Show Talk
    • Brief rundown of the history of the WIXOSS anime and a reading of each of their plots.

    15 mins to 30 mins

    • Description of characters in WXOSS series and their histories from the previous series, and a quiz.
      • Akira Aoi and Milulun
      • Hitoe Uemura and Midoriko
      • Kiyoi Mizushima and Piruluk the Second
    • Video clip message from Kiyoi Mizushima’s voice actor.
      • K…

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  • Stardustdragon123

    Hello everyone! A month later after my previous blog post, I've finally gotten around to finishing up a working (but incomplete) template for custom LRIG cards! Links to my Deviantart (with each possible update) will be thrown into the respective headings.

    Link to Version 0.5

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  • Stardustdragon123

    If anyone remembers from ages ago when I made a blog post about finding a Level 0 Yuzuki blank from Pixiv and how I couldn't find the others, wondering if anyone else had them. Then, as soon as I saw the blank cards as part of WX22's special prints with unique borders, I took the opportunity to do some (admittedly amateurish) photoshop to whip up a custom template for anyone to make their own Level 0 LRIGs this way.

    Download Link

    Since we're never going to get the game in English, I felt that this was my way of at least giving away some creative opportunity to the fanbase who visit the wiki. You'll need Optima and Impact in order to use the fonts, but you're welcome to change them up. Other than that, feel free to play around with it to your…

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  • Honoka55

    I have created a Chinese WIXOSS Wiki ( Welcome to have a look.

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  • IcyDevil34

    Liwat Deck.

    February 5, 2018 by IcyDevil34


    So I want to make a Liwat deck but I have no idea where to start, if anyone has any Liwat decks or ideas could you please show me or give me tips to help!

    If you do thank you!

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  • Stardustdragon123

    So what are your thoughts on how the season will play out next year?

    What do you think the upcoming OVA will cover over?

    Who or what is pulling the strings of the new Selector system in a higher position than Carnival?

    Which characters from the previous series besides Kiyoi may return? (possibility of Amika or Remember getting speaking roles as well?)

    Feel free to discuss speculations of all kinds for the upcoming series and OVA here.

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  • Niga=Abushumu


    August 4, 2017 by Niga=Abushumu

    Okay, time to get busy AFTER I've finished my SOP(Due in 4 hours) in uploading all the cards that have been leaked for WX-20.

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  • Niga=Abushumu

    Favourite artwork

    July 30, 2017 by Niga=Abushumu

    Seeing that each WIXOSS magazine comes with rankings for voted favorite artwork, I would like an opinion on everyone's favorite.

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  • IcyDevil34


    I wish to make an AMAZING deck for Aiyai.

    I of course know about the Joker combo with beigoma which is what I still plan on using in this deck.

    can someone give me some tips or maybe even a finished great Aiyai deck

    so far mine uses mostly the joker combo along with a few black playground signi.


    Any and all infomation, tips or examples are greatly appreciated!

    Love you all!

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  • Stardustdragon123

    As Google Translate isn't going to help me on this...

    I went back onto the Wixoss homepage after a long absence and found this:

    I discovered this in the Rules section and from what I gather, it seems to be some kind of format towards the Lostorage LRIGS + Umr and Tawil. I was wondering if this was of interest to anyone who is willing to translate it.

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  • Niga=Abushumu

    If you had played any other card games before, you should know the mechanics of this color.

    If you haven't, then here's a summary of the color:

    • Ener boosting
    • Power increase
    • Lancer
    • Adding Life Cloth

    Notable SIGNI that each LRIG uses are:


    Living Spirit: Earth Beast

    • Chihuahuan, Phantom Beast: Removes 1 of your opponent's high-powered SIGNI for a total of 3 cost.
    • Hyakko, Phantom Beast: Conditional ener boost.
    • Pandan, Phantom Beast: Early game power boost.
    • Beagle, Phantom Beast: 3 cost turn 2 lancer with self power boost.
    • Koalan, Phantom Beast: Level 2 power boost.
    • Kogenbu, Phantom Beast: Another conditional ener boost.
    • Miao, Phantom Beast: Opponent-reliant early game lancer.
    • Monkey, Phantom Beast: Free cost ener boost.
    • Bigtatt, Phantom Beast: On-play …
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  • Niga=Abushumu

    White is a color full of defense and some amounts of offence. These take place in the form of:

    • Bouncing opponent's SIGNI to hand
    • Giving 'can't attack' to opponent's SIGNI and LRIG
    • Trashing the opponent's SIGNI
    • Power boost on the opponent's turn
    • Upping and downing SIGNI

    Let's begin with the SIGNI that are LRIG-restricted.

    War Spirit: Arm

    • Arc Energe, Original Spear: On-play fill all open SIGNI Zones and makes Energe, Original Spear's trashing free of cost.
    • Bonya, Small Bow: Useful for looking at the next few cards in your deck, which can give you the card you want if you manage to trigger a Life Burst:Draw 1.
    • Bow, Shooting Bow: Early game look at top card. Can allow you to fill 2 SIGNI Zones on turn 1 with just a single card.
    • Catapul, Greatbow: Le…

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    December 10, 2016 by WEBXOSS

    The dev of WEBXOSS.

    Bug report or suggestions:

    Twitter: @WEBXOSS

    GitHub: webxoss

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  • CFDrewbert

    Past 2000 edits Q&A

    December 6, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    Considering there's like 5 active users here, I'm not expecting much... buttttttttttttttt

    Q&A time

    ask away

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  • Niga=Abushumu

    For starters:

    The very first thing you may want to know is the type of LRIG that you are capable of using. Different LRIGs each have their own playstyle.

    • White:
      • Tama: Conserves your hand by allowing you to search your deck and play SIGNI for low costs.
      • Remember: Generally playstyle focused on freezing your opponent's SIGNI and removing them for your own SIGNI to go in for a direct attack to the Life Cloth.
      • Tawil: Removes opponent's SIGNI while providing a certain level of immunity to your own SIGNI.
      • Sashe: Uses Resonas to control your opponent's actions so that it would be easier to win.
      • Yuki: Focuses on removing the effects of your opponent's SIGNI to make whatever OP cards he has useless and moves SIGNI around to activate effects. Returns your …
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  • Rider of the Black Astolfo

    Umr=Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation

    Umr=Ett, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

    Umr=Två, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

    Umuru=Tre, Wielder of the Key of Creation

    Umr=Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

    Umuru=Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation

    Cthulhu Call x2

    Withered Tree, Living Flower

    Next Punish

    Code Ancients Hellboros

    Code Anti Palbek

    Bismuth, Natural Stone

    Sakura, Natural Plant x2

    Code Anti Nessie

    Code Anti Yog-Sothoth x2

    Daihouika, Water Phantom Princess x2

    Code Anti Elechair

    Code Anti Arahabaki

    Code Anti Assylen x2

    Code Anti Mage

    Metsumi, Fallen Cannon Daughter x3

    Akazukin, Phantom Beast x2

    Ifrid, Night King of a Thousand Nights x4

    Servant D2 x2

    Code Anti Aztec

    Servant O2 x4

    Cyclamen, Natural Plant x2

    Three Swords x2

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    So, for some research, I'm wondering if anyone could help for Umr vs Tawil show off using their most recent cards.

    Like, the signis, strategy and the like, since I haven't touched WIXOSS for like forever.

    Wanting to write close game, with one of them winning, either one is fine.

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  • Sandy Sagebrush

    Sandra's Builds

    October 14, 2016 by Sandy Sagebrush

    Hello there folks, I'm pretty new to the game and so I decided to go with the newest LRIG's I could find to fit what I would like. Currently I only have three decks built and would appreciate any help you all might have to offer to fine tune and/or just better my decks. I do ask though that if you are going to critique that you do so in a constructive and intelligent manner (IE, don't be a dickbag and just comment 'bad' or make quick calls without explaining as to why you're suggesting I do this and/or that) thank you in advance. Without further ado, here's my decks!

    Edit #1: Changed a few things around, Arts wise, will be looking to try and tune down the number of spells.

    Edit #2: Updated the decks a bit, changed a few things around, hopefu…

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  • CFDrewbert

    Bored Pt 2

    October 13, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    hopefully this blog catches on like the first one... title is self explanatory

    oh yea, volume 5 of Wixoss magazine came in the mail today so hooray!

    this blog is mostly trash tho

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  • CFDrewbert

    Hurricane Matthew

    October 5, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    soooooo uh... anyone else gonna get hit by this thing?

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  • Stardustdragon123

    Custom cards?

    September 30, 2016 by Stardustdragon123

    Speaking of randomness... has anyone managed to create a custom Photoshop template for Wixoss cards? I know there are LRIG card blanks that exist on pixiv, but you cannot change the stats (as by default, they are all Level 0, have an assigned LRIG type and the colour they are associated with). I managed to save one for myself as I have displayed below (due to it being a png file, it is possible to place an image on a layer behind it in Photoshop), but I can't remember which tag I found it and the others under.

    In case you were wondering, the LRIG template I saved was Yuzuki's.

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  • CFDrewbert

    IRL Decks

    September 25, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    I know a good number of people play exclusively online so this blog won't mean anything but worth a shot...

    Basicallyyyyyyyy... i just wanna see some pics of Wixoss decks that people have irl. Imma post mine once the remaining cards I need arrive in le mail.

    (tachi post this on discord wixoss chat too cause free advertisement op) :P

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  • CFDrewbert


    September 20, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    Is anyone out theerrreeeeee?

    I'm bored. Send halp. This blog is trash.

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  • Stardustdragon123

    So just to make things clear, if you do not want spoilers, do not read this blog post.


    Okay then, you have been warned, so let's begin with the list of points I brought up from the 'new' footage in infected/spread's storyline.

    • First 8 minutes (the preview) are played before abruptly cutting to the end of episode 1.
    • Shortly after Ruko first meets Iona (I mean Kuro... Actually, Yuki), Ulith thinks about Sachi.
    • Before Ruko's battle with Yuki!Iona, she has a nightmare about being engrossed in the Selector Battle, complete with excited BATTORU Tama, Yuki!Iona and Ulith.
    • New footage with Ulith in the aftermath of Yuki!Iona's battle with Ruko is shown.
    • Uli…

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  • Nagi Flora

    Webxoss's Bug Report

    August 20, 2016 by Nagi Flora

    I was facing Mayu, Genesis Miko and she had Code Ancients Hellboros with her. So I summoned Code Art SWT and use her On Play to banish Hellboros. Afterward, I summon Code Art +Alca+ and her On Play didn't work. The same thing happened with my Code Art +SC+'s On Play. Summoned Dark Art +MGT+ and her On Play also didn't work even though Hellboros had been banished with SWT from the start. It was frustrating...

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  • Rodstarz

    Firstly hi everyone, I hope you all have a great day !

    I'm Rodstarz (since Rodstar was taken ;w;), a 22 years old French geeky dude.

    It's the first time I'm using a wikia and my english is far from good so bear with me please o/

    I was introduced to Wixoss by the anime but I forgot to regularly check the update of the TCG (I quit soon after Umuru was revealed so it's been a long long time) But recently an IRL friend hooked me again by playing some proxy games and showed Webxoss to me. So here I am, anonymously for a little while but I'm now named ~

    I enjoy playing Midoriko, Myuu, Aiyai or Yuzuki (in this order) a lot but I'm a beginner and I make many mistakes, I hope to improve quickly and to stop to loose to all those Piruluk/ullith players e…

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    The News Feed is a place to record, archive, and discuss WIXOSS news whenever I feel like it.

    The amount of news from last Saturday was absurd. It took me days to get it all on the wiki. Days.

    First of all, we have the new Lostorage LRIGs. From left to right, they are:

    • Ril, the LRIG of Lostorage's main character Suzuko Homura. She will have support in the pre-built deck WXD-17 Red Honest, and uses Valor SIGNI with the Rise gimmick.
    • , but how is unknown. It might be something similar to the relationship between Tama, Mayu, and Yuki.
    • Nanashi, a black LRIG. She will get her support in WXD-19 Black Blind, which releases in November, a month after WXD-17 and WXD-18. Her SIGNI are Nature Spirit: Bacteria, which can use their Virus ability to infect the …

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Might as well post it here:



    Far art:

    Freddy Yura:



    Kiyoi x Sakaguchi:

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Yuri ship

    June 24, 2016 by Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Yuri ships list

    Just random compilation of the possible yuri ships, be it Selector x Selector, Selector x LRIG, LRIG x LRIG or SIGNI x SIGNI - or Selector x Non Selector or others please do comment if you thinks there's another interesting pair

    (in random order, from what comes to mind)

    Selector x Selector

    • The mcs from twin memories
    • Hero x Ririka (Battle with Wixoss) - no explanation, she is obsessed, it's literally what the whole game about when you think about it
    • Chihiro x Hanayo (Battle with Wixoss)
    • Hero x that girl who wants to end selector system (Battle with WIXOSS)
    • Akira x Iona (original/Ulith/Yuki ver)
    • Ruuko x Iona (Yuki ver)
    • Ruuko x Hitoe
    • Yuragi x Mako
    • Miyu x Sara
    • Yura x Sara (yeah)
    • Yura x Rumi (sekuhara/no)
    • Ruuko x Sachi
    • Akira x that sickly Sele…
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  • GrimRevenger

    Mayu's Room Guess

    June 11, 2016 by GrimRevenger

    Since Mayu's room is coming up early july, let's play the guessing game... What do you guys think would get hit? I doubt bolshack since its condition takes time but it hurts like a truck if it meets.

    Edit: NVM maybe semi bolshack

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  • Rider of the Black Astolfo

    Rate my deck in the comment section to a skale from 1 to 10.  Feel free to give me some constructive criticism. Note that WEBXOSS is an online automatic simulator and not all the cards are in the game, the last update was from WD14.


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  • Niga=Abushumu

    Currently thinking of making a multicolored Ulith deck. Main deck:

    • Repair / 2
    • Snorop, Natural Plant Princess / 2
    • Enigma Aura / 2
    • THREE OUT / 2
    • Code Heart AMS / 2
    • Mikamune, Small Sword / 2
    • Djinn, One Night of a Thousand Nights / 4
    • Amonowl, Marquis of Toying with Life / 2
    • Ifrid, Night King of a Thousand Nights / 4
    • Furious Gambling / 2
    • Duranda, Greatsword / 2
    • Arc Aura / 2
    • Fracturing Lust / 2
    • Corundum, Natural Stone / 2
    • Servant Q / 4
    • Servant T2 / 4

    LRIG deck:

    • Lv 0 Ulith, Enma
    • Lv 1 Ulith, Burning Eye Enma
    • Lv 2 Ulith, Enma of Crushing Hell
    • Lv 3 Ulith, Three Paths Enma
    • Lv 4 Ulith, Enma of Suffering
    • Lv 5 Ulith, Enma of Nihilism
    • Demon Tomb
    • End Hole
    • Black Desire
    • Surrounded by Fire

    Any comments on how feasible this deck is?

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  • Tachikaze Master

    Out of boredom and the WIXOSS anniversery tourney ending, I decided to make a WIXOSS tourney.

    There are gonna be little to no people trying to join, but hey, can't hurt to try.

    You will have 3 decks with seperate LRIGs.

    When the match starts, you'll tell your opponent the 3 decks you have. Then, your opponent chooses one of the 3. This chosen deck can't be used for that match. Then the games begin. If you win with one deck, you cannot use that deck again. The requirement for moving on in the round is winning with both decks.

    (I totally didn't just reuse the exact rules the WEBXOSS anniversary tourney used)

    All Mayu's Room restrictions will be applied in this tourney.

    Send all decks to, along with match replays.

    Not much …

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  • Portlight

    Help my Remember Deck.

    April 28, 2016 by Portlight

    Please help me rate my deck. I'm trying to get back into WIXOSS after losing my first deck, and I want some input before I try to buy these cards. I try to keep the deck on the cheap side.

    So, here's the deck:


    Lv0 Remember

    Lv1 Remember Morning

    Lv2 Remember Noon

    Lv3 Remember Dawn

    Lv4 Remember Night

    Lv5 Remember Dead Night

    1 Spirit Salvage

    1 Don't Move

    1 Crystal Break

    1 Xeno Multiple

    Signi: Lv1: (12)

    4 Round, Small Shield (2000. 5000 on Opp turn)

    4 Code Art KEY (LB) (T: Reveal top. If Electric Machine, Draw.)

    4 Servant O2

    Lv2: (6)

    2 Square, Medium Shield (5000. 8000 on Opp turn.)

    4 Servant D2

    Lv3: (6)

    4 Code Art CPU (LB) (8000. On play, Discard an Electric Machine: Freeze a Signi and draw.)

    2 Code Art DTP (8000. On play, if there's a frozen Signi, draw.)


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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    I'm back?

    April 18, 2016 by Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Well, anyway, going to write all battle with wixoss stuff, since it will close on April 25... Wish me luck.

    Ririka a SHIT.

    That fucking end.

    Worse than the whole Sakaguchi x Kiyoi x Amika NTR stuff.

    ... I'm not that mad, just incredibly disappointed.

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  • Rider of the Black Astolfo

    Rate my deck in the comment section to a skale from 1 to 10.  Feel free to give me some constructive criticism. Note that WEBXOSS is an online automatic simulator and not all the cards are in the game, the last update was from WX11.

    Eldora×Mark 0

    Eldora×Mark I

    Eldora×Mark II

    Eldora=Mark III'

    Eldora×Mark IV SUPER

    Cross Life Cloth

    Body and Soul

    Burst Rush

    Hammer Chance

    Twists and Turns

    Gurehozame, Water Phantom Princess x4

    To'on, Right Rhythm of the Scale x2

    Arowana, Water Phantom Princess x4

    Ryuuguu, Water Phantom x2

    Dugong, Water Phantom x4

    Haigyo, Water Phantom x2

    Hatahata, Water Phantom x3

    Servant O2 x4

    Servant O3 x4

    Nafushu, Water Phantom x2

    Wakasagi, Water Phantom x3

    Repair x2

    RAINY x1

    Three Swords x1


    In the early game I focus on drawing cards fro…

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  • Rider of the Black Astolfo
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  • Cardsoul

    Decks I Use

    March 29, 2016 by Cardsoul


    1 Myuu=Hatch

    1 Myuu=Larva

    1 Myuu=Pupa

    1 Myuu=Icro

    1 Myuu=Imago

    1 Yasudesu, Black Phantom Insect

    1 Kumamusu, Black Phantom Insect

    1 Arachne Pider, Black Phantom Insect

    1 Idol Defense 

    1 Resonance March


    2 Servant D2

    3 Ashinaga, Phantom Insect

    3 Heike, Phantom Insect

    3 Minmin, Phantom Insect

    1 Servant O2

    4 Mitsubachi, Phantom Insect

    4 Tsukutsuku, Phantom Insect


    2 Kuroha, Phantom Insect 

    4 Herakabuto, Great Phantom Insect 

    2 Kiaha, Phantom Insect 

    3 Servant T 

    3 Tamamushi, Phantom Insect 

    2 Karemakiri, Phantom Insect

    4 Servant O

    Still no idea what i'm doing with this, Wixoss is the only card game in which i have a hard time even identifing the four basic deck types, [Aggro, Control, Combo, Midrange] And with Myuu i dun no what she wants to…

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  • CFDrewbert

    The OP Umaru-chan

    March 29, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    My Umurun deck...

    NOTE: Ut'Ulls Chain is being replaced by Storm Warning... i'm just too lazy to go upstairs and get it

    NOTE: the face down card in the LRIG deck is Four Color Miasma... having to proxy rn cause the site i buy from doesn't have it in

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  • Tachikaze Master

    The last part.


    I'm hosting it.

    ... I need participants, so I'm advertising here to try and get moar people.

    You don't have to be in Canada to participate.

    Sign-up sheet

    I need more participants badly. All the details should be in the sheet, for the date, it's gonna be somewhere around April 5.

    ... This isn't gonna work most likely, but might as well try the ad.

    If your country is not Canada, click here to join another country's tournament.

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  • Tachikaze Master

    I ripped off what Slurpy did, but with LRIGs. A hunger Games simulation with the characters being LRIGs (you can set this to be literally anything so ye). Anyways, going into the introductions.

    District 1: We have Shiro and Kuro. Fitting I'd say.

    District 2: Hanayo and Yuzuki following anime stuff.

    District 3: Piruluk and Ulith. Have no idea what put my brain to put them into the same district, but meh.

    District 4: Umuru and Tawil cuz franchise stuff.

    District 5: Remember and Piruluk "Future". The story is that this Piruluk is from an alt world in where she didn't hate Remember even after "it" happened, somehow came to this dimension and voila.

    ... I'll admit, I put her there 80% as filler LRIG.

    District 6: Sashe and Myuu. Again: Pairings.


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  • Nagi Flora

    Need help again

    March 17, 2016 by Nagi Flora

    I'm starting again with the card game so I ll need some advices for this deck.

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  • 魔法少女03号機

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm still relatively new to the game, so I do not fully undertand many of the game's advanced combos and techniques yet. After starting with an Aiyai deck in real life and performing disastrously with it due to me having a hard time understanding how that deck works, I've decided to switch to a Hanayo deck focusing on the new Hanayo 4 - Snow, Moon, Wind, and Fire.

    Here is my current deck recipe. If possible, I would like some suggestions on how to make this deck synergize better and perform better combos:

    LRIG Deck:

    1x Hanayo Zero

    1x Hanayo One

    1x Hanayo Two - Hard Flame

    1x Hanayo Three - Pure Love Fire

    1x Hanayo Four - Snow, Moon, Wind, and Fire

    1x Hanayo Five


    1x Phosphorescent Samsara

    1x Back Against the Flame

    1x Interwoven Fir…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    I want to create a deck revolving around Code Piruluk Lambda. 

    [On-Play]Draw a card. Then, your opponent discards a card from their hand.

    [Action] Exceed 1Draw 2 cards. This ability can only be used once per turn.

    [Action] Exceed 3Down 1 of your opponent's SIGNI, and freeze it. This ability has Use Timing [Attack Phase]. (A frozen SIGNI is not upped during the next up phase.)

    I would want to create a deck that revolves around trashing your opponents hopes and dreams. Maybe going for a more trolly abusive style of play. 

    I may later on down the line try a deck of Freeze and Trash depending on further Piruluk supports and such as if more cards like Code Art MM are released.

    The Main deck will change as more cards are released and when Blue P…

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  • CFDrewbert

    Alfou deck

    February 18, 2016 by CFDrewbert

    It seems like i have to make this blog a second time cause the first time it didn't save... oh well (also... be nice, it's my first proxy so please excuse the rough edges) :P

    Alfou deck:

    0-2 Alfou

    Grave Curse

    Ancient Surprise

    Jealousy Gaze


    Ancient Return

    Baroque Defense

    Death Buquet Toss

    Signi deck:

    4x Servant O

    4x Servant O3

    4x Texahammer (fyi: this will be replaced with Doronjo once I actually have money)

    4x Servant D

    4x Servant D3

    3x Servant O2

    2x Servant D2

    2x Skanda

    4x Aztec (fyi: this will be replaced with Heike once I actaully have money)

    2x Ganesha

    3x Gathering Protection

    3x Violence Jealousy

    1x Fracturing Lust


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  • Tachikaze Master

    Waifu War Log:

    February 10, 2016 by Tachikaze Master

    Back to rules

    Febuary 10, 2016, 2:22 PM via GMT +9 (Japan standard time): Tachikaze Master's claim towards Myuu was officially accepted.

    Febuary 11, 2016, 6:26 AM via GMT +9: Iona's Selector's claim towards Iona, Piro's claim towards Eldora and Ulith-kun's claim towards Mirurun was officially accepted.

    Febuary 11, 2016, 11:29 AM via GMT +9: ErynnQ's claim towards Ulith was officially accepted.

    Febuary 12, 2016, 10:40 AM via GMT +9: CFDrewbert's claim towards Yuki was officially accepted.

    Febuary 12, 2016, 5:16 PM via GMT +9: Blazewind Strike's claim towards Midoriko was officially accepted.

    Febuary 13, 2016, 7:26 AM via GMT +9: ShadyTwist's claim towards Umuru and EHeroMatty's claim towards Utullus was officially accepted.

    Febuary 13 2016, 8:28 AM…

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  • Tachikaze Master

    Waifu Claimer list

    February 10, 2016 by Tachikaze Master

    Back to rules

    White Tama: Blaster X

    Black Tama: CFDrewbert

    Red Tama: Black Shanghai Doll

    Hanayo: Iona's Selector

    Piruluk: Tachikaze Master

    Midoriko: Blazewind Strike

    YuzukiIona's Selector

    Ulith: Piro

    Umuru: CFDrewbert

    Eldora: Piro

    Iona: Iona's Selector

    Remember: Tachikaze Master

    Mirurun: Tachikaze Master

    Anne: Reserved

    Tawil: ShadyTwist

    Sashe: Iona's Selector

    Myuu: Iona's Selector

    Aiyai: Iona's Selector

    Mayu: Iona's Selector

    Ut'ullus: EHeroMatty

    Yuki: Iona's Selector

    Rara-Ruu: Iona's Selector

    Soui: Iona's Selector

    Alfou: CFDrewbert

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  • Tachikaze Master

    Boredom does stuff to people.

    Anyways, this game is WIXOSS. There are waifu materials everywhere and people fight against each other for them. So using this, I made a "game system" on how to make this work between all users in the wiki (that being said, aside from me and Drew and Iona (who's loyal to Iona), I've never seen a waifu declaration around here... surprisingly).

    There are 2 things you can do about this. 1: Deal with it and get a parallel world version (credit to Iona's selector for the idea), or 2: Fight for the rights for her. Of which, for the former, a parallel world version isn't the best idea ever since... well, it's a parallel world. The waifu would have a completely different personality, possibly hobbies, or hell, even... a…

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  • UltraMarioZockt

    WIXOSS nach Europa?

    February 9, 2016 by UltraMarioZockt

    Wird es das Kartenspiel nach Europa schaffen? Damit meine ich ob es das Kartenspiel auch irgendwann komplett in English oder Deutsch hier zu kaufen geben wird?

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