Amika Hashimoto
Hashimoto Amika
Gender Female
LRIG Piruluk
Manga Episode 05: Bring Misfortune
Hitomi Ōwada
Amika Hashimoto (橋本アミカ Hashimoto Amika) is a character of the selector infected WIXOSS ―peeping analyze― manga.


Amika has long hair, often styled in a right side-ponytail. Her clothes preference might be something loose and casual, she is seen wearing oversized sweater, t-shirt, hoodies and trousers or shorts. Her school uniform is similar to Iona, with difference on the blazer, and the fact that Amika wore long sleeved vest on top of her shirt. She also wore a scarf.


Amika has cheerful and bright personality, making her pretty popular, which reminded Piruluk of Sakaguchi. Despite that, Amika hold deep sadness inside about her mother, and that she has to maintain outer strong personality for her family's sake. Only Piruluk knows this side of her. This is a time bomb, since Amika might snaps due to pressure, as seen on chapter 8.

Amika is also seen to never give up, and that she is willing to improve herself, eventually making Piruluk thaws and begins to open up to her.


Amika is a happy young girl who lives with her parents and two younger brothers. She bears a resemblance to Kiyoi Mizushima's friend, Ayumi Sakaguchi.

However, at some point, Amika's mother became diagnosed with a terrible disease which caused Amika to start closing her heart to others. Eventually, Amika became interested in WIXOSS and wound up buying a Blue Appli pack which had Kiyoi/Piruluk in it. After Kiyoi explained the rules of Selector Battles to Amika, Amika decided to compete for the sake of her wish to "save her mother."

She admitted that Piruluk is the only one she could talk openly about her troubles.


Selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze- Edit

Amika found Piruluk from Blue Appli deck she just bought. At first sh didn't notice that she got a special LRIG, until Piruluk tried to reach out to her. She was surprised that her new LRIG can talk and showed it to her father and brothers, who told her that she was mistaken. Piruluk told her that only Selected people are able to see this, making her embarrassed for her seemingly random action. At first Piruluk is cold towards her since Amika greatly resembles Ayumi Sakaguchi, Piruluk's deceased classmate. This cold behavior caused her to lose a Selector battle to Chiyori, because she was still new to WIXOSS. Piruluk eventually opens up to her, and they became good friends. Amika also reveals that she became a selector to save her ill mother.

However, Remember, in Piruluk's human body, reappeared and told Amika about Piruluk's past to bait her into a selector battle. Confused at first, Amika gathers resolve and together with Piruluk, they battle Remember. After the battle is over and Piruluk and Amika emerge victorious, Amika has no memory of what happened at the end, but has just gotten a call from her father about her mother, who is better from her illness. On the way, she meets Piruluk, who is back into her human body and is Kiyoi Mizushima once again. Amika initially mistakes her for Remember, but Kiyoi flicks her finger in Amika's face, causing Amika to recognize her. Together, they become friends once again.

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Edit

Amika Hashimoto appears again in Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. She still friends with Kiyoi, but is constantly worried about Kiyoi's safety, due to Kiyoi's insistence on entering the battles again.



Piruluk is Amika's LRIG. The two hit it off the wrong way, since Piruluk refused to talk to her because Amika looked like Ayumi Sakaguchi. This cold behavior caused her to lost once in Selector battles to Chiyori because she was still new to WIXOSS. At the end Piruluk decided to open up to her. At night, Amika kept Piruluk on her bed, near the pillow.


During ch 7, Amika met Remember in Kiyoi's body. Remember fed her lies about Piruluk, worsening her budding relationship with the blue LRIG.


  • Amika looks a lot like Ayumi with slight difference on the hairstyle. Piruluk mistook her for her Sakaguchi at first.
  • Amika's Selector battle against Remember is similar to Ruu's battle against Futase. Both Selectors are overwhelmed and the battle was one sided.


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