• You may send this SIGNI to the trash yourself if it is by the effect of a card you used.
  • If you grow your LRIG to a lower level or limit than this SIGNI, you may send this SIGNI to the trash.
  • When you use this SIGNI's second [Constant] ability to retrieve a SIGNI, the retrieved SIGNI may be played anywhere in the SIGNI Zone; it does not need to return to where it originally was prior to being banished.
  • If this SIGNI's second [Constant] ability returns a SIGNI to the field during the Attack Step of the Attack Phase, the returned SIGNI may attack again.
  • If you play a Resona while Alphard, Natural Star is in your Ener Zone, you may pay for Alphard's third [Constant] ability using herself, thereby placing her into the trash, to be played onto the field by her ability.


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