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Kana (仮名) フクシュウノウマアレークト
Romaji (ローマ字) Fukushū no Uma Arēkuto
Color Black Black
Card Type SIGNI
Limiting Condition Ulith limited
Class Image Spirit: Devil
Level 3
Power 8000
Card Abilities
>Cross< "Tisiphone, Left Devil of Vengeance" Right
[On-Play]: Until end of turn, 1 of your opponent's SIGNI gets -1 level. (Its level can't be less than 0.)
[Cross Constant]: When this SIGNI becomes Heaven Heaven, banish all of your opponent's level 1 or less SIGNI.
Lifeburst Life Burst: Choose 1. ① Draw 1 card. ② [Ener Charge 1]
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Cross《復讐の左魔 ティシポネ》の右
Cross Constant:このシグニがHeavenした時、対戦相手のレベル1以下のすべてのシグニ1体をバニッシュする。
WX-11 Destructed Selector - (WX11-050 - R - 1/21/2016)
  • Flavor: 私をキレさせた奴に行うことよ。 ~アレークト~
  • Illust: 夜ノみつき

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