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Akira Aoi
Chara 06
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 蒼井 晶(あおい あきら)
Other Names "Aki-Lucky" (アキラッキー Akirakki) (nickname)
"Aki-Lovely" (アキラブリー Akiraburi) (nickname)
  • 14
  • Female
Family Unnamed mother
  • Middle School Student
  • Amateur Model
First Appearance
Anime Infected Episode 01 (cameo)
Infected Episode 02 (actual appearance)
Manga Peeping Analyze Chapter 04

Akira Aoi (蒼井 晶 Aoi Akira) is one of the antagonists of selector infected WIXOSS series.


Akira is short in stature, has long wavy orange hair, fair skin and dark brown eyes. Overall, she has an attractive appearance. She has two hair accessories on the right side of her hair. Her job as a model demands her to wear different sets of outfits, but is oftenly seen wearing her school-issued uniform with a jumper. On occasion, she wears a purple hoodie over her school uniform. For some reason, according to Ruuko, she looks like a tangerine.


At first, Akira appears to have a bright, bubbly personality (typical of the archetypical high-school idol). However, she harbors a cruel and sadistic personality that is willing to go to any means to accomplish her "wish."

She also commonly says the phrase "Aki-lucky!" when discovering that she can cause misfortune for others. Depending on the situation, she can use her charms or her cute facade to get what she wants. She can also achieve this by intimidating others. She also displays stalker tendencies, especially when she got Yuzuki's phone number pressuring her and Ruuko to play a Selector Battle with each of them. Although she isn't smart and is poor, she has confidence in her looks.

She hates Iona Urazoe for taking the spotlight away from her. As a result, she suffers from an inferiority complex towards Iona and this worsens after she lost her job as a model and losing to Iona in a selector battle. This is evident when after being scarred, she hallucinates about Iona taunting her, which also suggest that she has a sense of insecurity. She is also quite impatient as she wanted to have her wish granted almost immediately and even threatened to rip up her LRIG. She is also foul-mouthed. Since she is poor, she tends to "borrow" clothes from her modelling agency, but never returning them, much to the staff's dismay. Ever since she became active in Selector Battles, she had always been late or absent for her photo shoots.

After suffering from facial disfigurement she becomes more foul-mouthed and does not bother to hide her true nature. As a result of her horrific experience, she becomes more prone to a series of violent outbursts, strongly suggesting that she is also mentally unstable. However, this is suppressed by Ulith who claims to love her. She falls in love with her and this resulted in her changing her nickname from "Aki-lucky" to "Aki-lovely". This also resulted in her to be easily manipulated by Ulith to do her bidding. Because of her new relationship with Ulith, she wants to maintain it and tries her best to do Ulith's favors out of fear that Ulith might leave her. After being called unsightly by Ulith she snaps and stabs her and began to refer to herself as Akira Aoi discarding the nickname "Aki-lovely". Despite this however, she is still madly in love with Ulith in her own twisted way, vowing to become a LRIG and Selector continuously to exact revenge towards Ulith who wants to live a life of being in the cycle of being a LRIG and Selector.


Akira was born to a poor family and lives with her mother in a small flat.

In 2012, she made her debut as a model on the "Valentine's Day Special" edition page in a popular magazine. She made her next appearance in the same year on the "Summer of Excitement" edition, which had an article of her featuring her personal belongings. Since then, she has been a famous model and was always the center of attention of the staff in her modelling agency until Iona Urazoe became a model. Ever since Iona's appearance, they have appeared together on advertisements and is talked about in magazines. However, Iona was more attention-grabbing than her and the staff's attention shifted from her to Iona. No matter how she dressed or posed, the spotlight of attention was taken away from her, a fact that frustrates her.

She attends at a local middle school as of the beginning of the series and has a posse of her own.


selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze-Edit

She encounters the LRIG Piruluk and becomes her Selector. At some point after these events, she began promoting WIXOSS together with Iona in advertisements.

selector infected WIXOSSEdit

She makes a cameo in the first episode along with Iona Urazoe advertising designer clothes in a train advertisement. In the same episode, she is also seen in a magazine article along with Iona again promoting WIXOSS.[1] She is formally introduced in the second episode when she was walking with her two friends on the way to school one day. She was then approached by Hitoe Uemura asking for a Selector Battle. She complies and invites the girl and the other two Selectors nearby to a secluded area.

selector spread WIXOSSEdit

After stabbing Ulith, she left the scene walking aimlessly, to which Milulun commenting on how nasty her action was. She then states that she has to continue her Selector Battles and when asked of her wish, she tearfully responded that she wanted Ulith's scar to heal followed by her saying "Aki-lucky" unenthusiastically.


A mentally unstable Akira challenges Chiyori

Sometime after, she overhears Chiyori asking Ruuko and Hitoe for a Selector Battle in an alley and she interrupted them saying that she'd accept her challenge. Out of fear of the cruelty she's capable of, Hitoe and Ruuko grabbed Chiyori and ran out of the scene. Just as she was about to chase after them, she gets a text message from Ulith to meet her at a playground.

She meets up with Ulith at the playground, who was more than displeased at her lateness, referring to her as "Aki-lovely". She replies by saying that she is no longer that person, declaring herself as Akira Aoi, the one who would beat and save Ulith.

Ulith later takes her to the building where Iona's fan event took place. Akira later declares how she would exact revenge upon her - by going through the cycle of being a LRIG and a Selector. By healing Ulith's scar as a Selector and inflicting a scar on her as a LRIG until she leaves her mark inside of Ulith. She challenges Ulith and Tama with Milulun, but was defeated after Tama transformed to Tamayorihime, Sunspot Miko and invoked the oath of becoming an Eternal Girl with Ulith.

Akira and the Strange Pair's Selector Girly☆Talk Drama Track Edit

In this Drama Track which is a side story from the end of the Spread series (it actually starts from when Kiyoi is seen waiting at a bus stop), Milulun is heard hopping off of a bus and winds up accidentally bumping into her former Selector, Akira Aoi again. After some basic chit-chat about how their life has been since the Selector Battles had ended, Akira asks Milulun what her human name was. This question irritates Milulun because she had told her it before, so she starts a reminiscing session in the hopes that Akira will remember it. Milulun states her initial impressions about Akira when she first met her, and she notes how interested she became in her personality whenever Akira would start fawning over Ulith.

Milulun then starts teasing Akira about all of the secret things that she embarrassingly said and did in her bedroom to show her love for Ulith e.g. like crying out "Love me more, Ulith" and how she hugged Ulith because she was so happy when she visited Ulith's house for the first time. Milulun then goes on to state how much she felt sorry for Akira, and how glad she was that she was an LRIG, and how she felt bad when Ulith dumped Akira. While Milulun is saying all of this, Akira is restraining herself from yelling at her.

After Akira gets upset with her (not to the point of screaming) and tells her to stop because she was trying to forget all of that, Milulun looks on confused not understanding what she did. She then starts getting super excited because Akira has some of insane berserk characteristics still left inside of her.

Kiyoi Mizushima, then shows up as she and Akira were supposed to meet up and hang out together. After Akira explains and introduces the Milulun and Kiyoi to each other, Milulun then asks them about what sort of battle sensation did they have when they were fighting together. Akira brags that they were the deepest blue, and the most powerful combo out there, though Kiyoi denies this. Kiyoi then talks about how much Akira has changed since they last met, and after Kiyoi talks about how Akira only battled newbies at the time, Milulun interjects and chides Akira saying that she would never have become an 'Eternal Girl' that way. Kiyoi then corrects her by stating that she never did became one.

Kiyoi then brings up the subject of how Akira would've been done for, if Midoriko's and Hanayo's Selectors had been stronger than her. Akira then gets flustered and states that Hitoe had the air of a total newbie, while Yuzuki wasn't even a bit strong and that she won anyway so Kiyoi should lay off the subject. However, Milulun interjects again by stating that Akira had lost to newbies before too, which causes Akira to get even more angry with her. From this, the subject of Akira losing to Ruko comes up.

Milulun then asks what Akira's wish (to destroy Iona), and winds up being shocked by it. She also asks why didn't Akira wish to become a pro model or something, but Akira states that it was the same as her. Kiyoi then expresses her doubts and tries to imagine the outcome of what would happen if that wish got twisted and laments Akira's potential fate. However, Milulun comes up with the theory that even if Akira had become an 'Eternal Girl,' it would be Kiyoi who would become the model, not Akira, but Kiyoi states that becoming one would be too much of a pain and that she was glad that Akira lost.

Despite Kiyoi's many transgressions on becoming a model, Milulun mentions that Kiyoi could've become more popular than Akira, if she had become one and then proceeds to imagine what that would've been like. After imaging that, Akira snaps at the two of them. However, Milulun then proceeds to imagine what it would've been like if she became a model while in Akira's body, although this just leads Akira to get even more angry with her. Kiyoi then interjects and starts listing how Akira was late to photo shoots and that she used to snap at the staff too, so she would never become a top model, which causes Akira to start crying.

Seeing Akira cry, Kiyoi asks what wrong and Milulun replies that she's possibly remembering that day when Ulith told her that she was "Unacceptable," and went into shock because of it. Kiyoi then asks that wan't Ulith and Akira "a super lovey dovey couple," to which Milulun and Kiyoi then proceed to gang up and tease Akira further on the subject. After having enough of their teasing, Akira admits how lonely and pathetic she was as shes start crying more, and then yells at them to stop in a high voice standing up to the pair of them.

Akira then realizes that the two of them are trying to pick a fight with her, so she challenges them to any kind of fight. Kiyoi then tries to calm her down and says that she doesn't hate Akira and that she has no complaints about her. Milulun also agrees with Kiyoi. Kiyoi then explains that they were trying to bring out Akira's true character by pulling her out from all that hatred, sadness and loneliness. Milulun then admits that she likes Akira the way she is. Milulun then states that that even though Akira has some bad traits, she also has good traits, and that she likes regardless of them, to Akira's embarrassment. She then proceeds to list them all of her good traits.

Milulun then notes how red and embarrassed Akira is getting. Akira then has to leave because she forgot she had a photo shoot,and shyly asks if they can meet up again, to which they both said yes. Milulun then especially states that she was happy to see Akira again today and they end their conversation. Before she leaves, Akira remembers that Milulun never told her real name. She then asks Milulun to tell her again, so she says that her real name is "Run. Run da lu~n☆".

Akira billboard

Akira's image as seen on a billboard in Lostorage incited WIXOSS.

Lostorage incited WIXOSS Edit

Akira is one of the Selector's seen in Kiyoi's flashbacks as she explains to Chinatsu about her past and the first Selector Battles.

In Episode 12, Akira's image is seen on a pineapple advertisement billboard; above the street that Kiyoi and Carnival are walking on.



Akira is the master of Piruluk.

Milulun Edit

Milulun is Akira's 2nd LRIG during Spread.

Iona UrazoeEdit

Despite appearing together in magazines, Akira detests Iona a lot for stealing the spotlight away from her. Iona is the reason as to why she became a Selector, as she wished to scar her face. In season 2, after experiencing facial disfigurement, her hatred towards Iona worsens so much that anyone mentioning her name is enough to provoke her to physically assault a fan. Whether Iona is aware of Akira's jealousy towards her has yet to be revealed.

Iona Urazoe (Kuro)Edit

By extension, Kuro is also subjected to Akira's hatred since she overtook Iona's body. She is quite aware that Akira avoids having a battle against her, viewing her as a loser. By living as Iona, Kuro has inadvertantly developed a toxic relationship with Akira. This only worsens after Kuro called her a loser and beats her in a selector battle. In season 2, after experiencing facial disfigurement, her hatred towards Iona worsens so much that anyone mentioning her name is enough to provoke her to physically assault a fan. When Akira battled against Ruuko with Milulun, she was enjoying the beating that Kuro was receiving from her.

Playstyle Edit

Akira uses a blue deck, relying on forcing the opponent to discard cards from their hand and gaining advantage through field control. A typical example of her tactics is seen in Episode 2, when she empties Hitoe's hand quickly and manages to freeze her Sparrow, preventing it from attacking.

In terms of her attitude in battles, she is shown to be manipulative of her opponent, psychologically exploiting his or her weaknesses in order to meet her own ends. This is further supported by the power of her LRIG (Piruluk) and gain knowledge of her opponent's wish. By doing so, she was able to easily defeat Hitoe and Yuzuki.

Decks Edit

Akira Aoi primarily uses blue decks throughout both seasons of Selector Infected and Spread WIXOSS. The main difference between her decks is the cards that she uses. With Piruluk, she used Machine Spirit: Electric Machine cards, however, with Milulun, she used Nature Spirit: Atom cards.

Piruluk Deck




Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Milulun Deck




Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


  • Despite her short stature, she was able to kidnap Hitoe who was taller than her by herself.
  • Her personality is close to a yangire.


Character Art DesignsEdit


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