Code Eat Mayo

Accessory Accessory (アクセ Akuse) is a quality that certain SIGNI may have. A SIGNI is indicated as an Accessory SIGNI if it has the word "Accessory" next to its class label.

Accessory SIGNI may attach themselves to other SIGNI, usually from the Ener Zone. Accessory SIGNI give various benefits to the SIGNI they are attached to, such as power increases. A SIGNI can only have one Accessory attached to it. Whenever an accessorized SIGNI leaves the field, the Accessory attached to it is placed into the trash.

  • Attaching an Accessory does not trigger any On-Play abilities of that card.
  • Accessories can be attached regardless of the level or limit of your LRIG. For example, you may attach Code Eat Ketchu to your SIGNI even if your LRIG is level 1.
  • Even if an Accessory has a limiting condition, it can be attached to your SIGNI regardless of your LRIG.
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