Kana (仮名) ラセイブレイズチドウ
Romaji (ローマ字) Rasei Bureizu Chidō
Color Red Red
Card Type SIGNI
Level 4
Power 10000
Limiting Condition Carnival limited
Class Nature Spirit: Space
Card Abilities
[Constant]: Whenever 1 of your effects refers to the level of a <Space> SIGNI in your deck, hand, or trash, that SIGNI's level can be treated as a level from 1 to 4.
[Auto]: When this SIGNI attacks, put the top 3 cards of your deck into the trash. If the total level of the SIGNI put into the trash this way is 10, banish 1 of your opponent's SIGNI with power 7000 or less.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
WXD-21 Red Joker - (WD21-012 - ST - 2/23/2017)
  • Flavor: いいえ、太陽様が宇宙の中心であらせられるのよ。~≡チドウ≡~
  • Illust: 芥川 明